iMonetizeIt monetizes ADULT traffic of any type and volume

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    Hey guys,

    I'd like to tell you a few interesting updates about iMonetizeIt – a smart traffic distribution system with unique analytics algorithm (check out more details in this thread).

    We started monetizing adult traffic worldwide this year, and today have impressive results. Check our eCPMs:
    • UK $133.02
    • Australia $74.53
    • Germany $67.0
    • Denmark $45.7
    • Canada $41.76
    • New Zealand $31.69
    • Finland $29.22
    • United States $28.72
    • Norway: $27.56
    • Greece: $15.59
    We monetize traffic of all types – desktop, mobile, tablet. While other monetization services always have certain limitations for traffic owners, we deal with any traffic source, of any volume and type. No matter what kind of traffic you have, we will send it to the effectively converting funnel specifically optimized for your parameters. The only condition is being 'adult'.

    Join iMonetizeIt to see its benefits in action. If there are any question regarding how it works, just hit me.

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