New WP based eCommerce platform. Starts 15 August 2013

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    These guys are developing new eCommerce platform. It is targeted onto people who have no previous CMS experience. That`s why it`s WordPress based. They made much more (imho) user-friendly plugin for WP than Woo Commerce did.
    What other features do they offer?
    1. radically shortened check out (important for webstore conversions) -- 1 click (payPal + e-goods) or 2-clicks (other cases).
    2. Higher site operation speed (than Woo Commerce or others WP eCommerce solutions)
    3. Fast addition of goods (10 sec for one product).

    Ok. The main thing: they look for beta-testers. Beta release planned to start 15 August. It`ll last 6 weeks. Anyone can take part.

    User interface overview.
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