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Discussion in 'Beta Tool Testing' started by yogesh12, Aug 14, 2013.

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    I Need Beta Testers for my upcoming rank tracking Tool.

    I Need 10 Beta Testers. These are Requirements.

    1. User should have good experience in using tools. (i have 5 more tools in rack to be released so there is a good chance that they will get oppertunity to test drive it, yet i am not promising.)
    2. User should be well versed in SEO.
    3. User should have minimum of 100 Posts
    4. Should be able to use it extensively and give me feedbacks/Feature Requests/Criticism
    5. User should be part of other communities also. (its optional but more preference will be given to users who are members in other communities)
    6. User should have VPS
    7. OS: Win 7 + .Net 4.0

    I will manually select beta testers.

    I will post signup links shortly. And your Accounts needs to be approved before you have access to my system.

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