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    I have been working on a project to build an online tool to to create easy videos using articles in bulk and then let it get uploaded to youtube and dailymotion automatically.

    So far i have finished a rough script , which does all the necessary work . I have been testing this for couple months ,uploaded thousands of videos using this and so far i am getting some good results with youtube.

    Now i wish to make it available to public and develop it even more by adding more features and making it more user friendly .

    I coudnt think of a better way to get more ideas then to share this here and get all your suggestions and advises.

    i wish to keep this tool free and not monetize it anytime soon ,as its just a baby project till now.

    Anyway , Here is the URL where its Live :


    How does this work :
    1)create sildes for the videos and submit them for rendering
    2)Setup a campaign with youtube and dailymotion accounts
    3)Enter the video Details and select th

    Please visit this url and register . No email verification required . and try to make a video and setup campaign to upload the videos.

    Please watch the Demo Tutorial video on how to use the Online Tool :
    PART1 :
    PART 2 :

    Some of the videos creating using this tools are :

    Please use it advise me how to make it better


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