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    LocoFile.com, a new PPD network is here to help affiliates increase their income from home. Just upload, share links, and let the money flow into your account if your files downloaded.

    LocoFile.com has cool features, such as:

    1. File Locker
    A Feature that are commonly heard but LocoFile different from the others. Why? Because you can edit the download page you like, such as price, title or description.

    2. Link Locker
    A must-have tool for every affiliates that is useful to lock their links with the offers we have.
    Lock your link with our lick locker and get paid per redirected link.

    3. Points
    Sounds cool or surprised? Yes, all of it is just for our affiliates.
    Earned points can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards or other.
    Currently points can be obtained from 2 offerwalls, WinterLeads and SuperRewards.

    4. Message System
    This feature is provided so that affiliates can communicate privately without having to be bothered by others.

    5. Real-time statistics
    Get real-time statistics on earnings or downloaded files!

    6. Premium Credits
    Download directly without having to fill out a survey or wait.

    7. Shoutbox
    Special prepared for our affiliates so they can chat each other and to kill boredom.

    Q & A

    What percentage are given for each friend I refer?
    As a new network, this time we can only give 3%. But we promise to raise it in the future.

    How much is needed to request a payout?
    You need $30 to withdraw your earnings.

    What is your payment terms?
    NET30. Early payment avaiable if you have reached certain amount in a month.

    With what you're going to pay us?
    We use PayPal to send payments to our affiliates.

    Join now because we just accept 50 affiliates to keep it exclusive.
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