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    Anyone using these backlinking software programs from WSO?

    1. Rank Leap Links to about me/bio web 2.0 sites by RSS Aggregators.
    2. Dream Machine for .edu and .gov links
    3. Wiki Nuke Spins an article into many and submits to Wiki sites. Is it ok to use software that spins articles with their own spinning tool? Can use my own spinning article tool.

    All are said to be safe game for seo 2012. Anyone using any of these backlinking programs with good long lasting results or any results period? These programs say they are good for seo 2012. Are they safe (insights)? What backlinking program should I use if these are not good backling programs? Particularly a program that does not penalize me or get me banned!? Comments, Suggestions, Knowledge...

    Thank you.

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