Paypal Money Charger - €9.99 in your paypal immediately

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    Hi, i would like to introduce to this big opportunity were you can make money by doing almost nothing.

    Paypal Money Charger was developed on a programing tournament under 5 minutes.

    What is Paypal Money Charger?
    Paypal Money Charger is a program that will send to any paypal account €9.99 imediately.

    Do i have to pay any fee?
    The fund used by Paypal Money Charger uses an advanced algoritm that generate income by the second.
    So, don't worry about fees...

    How is it possible to receive money without doing anything?
    The Paypal Money Charger is build in a way were the end user don't have to pay because the fund runs automatically.

    Why is showing a message that says "Maximum number of transactions reach for today."?
    The markets opens at 9am but all major transactions are already done by 8am before it goes to the fund so you should use Paypal Money Charger early in the morning before 8am pacific time. The program is limited to 100 transactions.

    Who is my Account Manager?
    If you made a transaction and you receive a message to contact your Account Manager you automatically had been assigned an Account Manager.


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