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    Well this is Just a little something for you Guys to have a look at
    Nothing special just kinda me thinking out loud as per usual


    A little Background Info:

    Listen where most may see Saturation as a bad thing, and it could be, I think we forget it can also be used as a tool for Good.

    "The T-bone comes saturated in Onions and mushrooms
    marinated in a savory Marchand de Vin Sauce"

    "Sounds great I'll have 2, along with That 2lb. Lobster tail
    saturated in that butter and garlic sauce"

    so see what I'm saying so where some just view saturation in a negative light
    they won't see it can be used against itself for good
    kinda where trending and Viral manifest from if you really think about
    A Bunch of folks performing the same action!

    "They saturated the Market and completed the Overthrow"

    now here is an example of one thing having a 2 pronged effect
    but each 1 in opposing directions, cause I mean you have a conqueror and the conquered...The over-thrower and that who is being overthrow-ed
    By the same saturation process.

    Yeah I know blah blah blah...get on with it
    OK be careful what you ask for
    another one of my notoriously irritating (even to me)


    Wishlist Reviews Dawn of a New Era...
    (Not Really but it sounds nice)

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