We are looking for Web Publisher signups for our Crimson Cash Ad Network PPC + CPA Hybrid

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    We Are In Need Of More Publishers For Our Growing Crimson Cash Ad Network To Keep Up With Our Advertisers

    We have an amazing opportunity for you to make alot of money through our Ad Network called Crimson Cash Ad
    network. Crimson Cash Ad Network Let me give you a little run down on what we do & how we will be able to maximize your profits as a
    publisher quickly with zero effort on your part.

    Normally an Ad Network is either solely Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Action(CPA). What sets us apart from most
    other networks is how we "look out" for the interests of both the Advertiser & the Publisher.
    Our network is a PPC & CPA hybrid returning maximum profit for both the Advertiser & Publisher. Meaning our Ad
    Optimizing technology works daily to return increasing conversion for both parties.

    Essentially the technology involved continuously Rotates & Tests Ads while Rotating & Testing landing pages too.
    Performances are automatically scored by the system after each days close. Lower scored Ads are then replaced each
    day by higher scored ads.

    The "intelligence" of our system takes care of the testing and tracking Publishers normally need to do for

    Publishers traffic becomes matched to Advertiser offers automatically...Everyone wins as our technology does all
    the "heavy" lifting! There will be zero effort needed on your part other than registering with us & putting a
    snippet of advertising code into your website sidebar or header which ever you prefer. Always good to have the Ads
    above the fold of course in order to give them the best click through rate.

    If you sign up and give our Ad Network a week as a publisher you will be astonished with the results & profits you
    will generate & you have nothing to lose & everything to gain.


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