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Discussion in 'Programming section' started by stevex, Jul 4, 2015.

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    I have created a music related blog with wordpress on my localhost. But I have the hosting from google and now I am looking to change wordpress theme to blogger template. Searched a lot on the web but couldn't find the suitable or appropriate solution for this. If there is any way available I would like to know. The website is created so beautifully and it looks the perfect for a music blog. So I don't want to leave it.
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    For converting those template follow the following steps.

    1)Open WordPress theme click right and copy its whole html script along with stylesheet and java script files and save as html file in your computer.
    2) Now go to blogger and create a new blog then go to Template section and click on edit.
    3)Remove the whole css from the template and add the java script and stylesheet links inside the heading.
    4) Then understand the existing layout of the previous blogger template. i.e. the position of the heading widget and post widget.
    5)Now open the saved html page and arrange html files around those gadgets.
    6)The next thing is creating the post layout. i.e. creates it's thumbnail for that edit the post section.
    7)The next thing you need to do is remove the unnecessary style sheet and javascript from the template.

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