[Review] Russel Brunsun Underachiever + $300 upsell

Discussion in 'Tool Reviews' started by Monopoly, Mar 8, 2011.

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    Had a chance to flick through this last night so I thought I'd share basically what it was about.

    The basic package is really just the audio files from seminars, not even redone and he even mentions the fact that it's a 'call'. The $300 upsell dresses it up a bit and comes with video of a seminar and two tickets to a live seminar (I'd actually be going but it's in the US). It's also got some bonus stuff which is nothing really new and I didn't really look over.

    It's nothing earth shattering or 5 digits a day promising. It's a guideline to a basic framework to create and sell niche products.

    • Finding a niche
    • Running a survey on relevant forums to see what they want
    • Writing/Outsourcing the product creation
    • Writing the sales copy
    • Listing on Clickbank
    • Starting a PPC ad for your sales page

    There's a few tools but nothing major. No real mention of SEO, email lists or social networking (not that I saw in a quick flick through anyway).

    If you're just getting started in IM and you have the cash to spend on a basic course and advertising it might be for you. You do get coaching help by email/phone but there's nothing really there you can't pickup from WSO's and guides kicking around MMD.

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