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    What do you mean by Cloaking?

    Cloaking is a black hat SEO technique in which the content presented to the search engine spider and for the user's browser is different. It refers to hide the contents, which is not good for SEO.
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    Tools For Facebook Marketers ?

    Hashtags (#) are use to make the content of your post accessible to all users with similar interests, even if they’re not your followers. Hashtags are mostly used on social media websites to highlight your post.
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    Tools For Facebook Marketers ?

    Post relevant and informative information on Google+ and Twitter to increase the CTR. Use hashtags in your content while posting to social media websites. Facebook Ads marketing is also a great technique to increase the traffic from Facebook!
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    SEO Strategies in 2015

    Optimize your website for search engines and users Focus on creating quality content for users Build high authority links Be active on social media websites, Implement necessary on-page and off-page factors on your websites
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    How should merchants promote their ecommerce sites?

    Tips on how to Promote e-Commerce website: 1. SEO is the very first step in promoting your website 2. Add a blog to your website and share posts on a daily basis 3. Use popular social media networks to promote your website 4. Run PPC Campaign 5. Products Review 6. Do Pod-casting promotion for...
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    How To Make Money with Clickbank

    Clickbank is a marketplace where digital information of products are held. You can make money through clickbank is firstly by affiliate marketing, then hold the products which make some sense, then choose the right product and invest in a good compelling brand
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    Vps hosting.

    VPS(Virtual Private Server) is a hosting server which includes different hosting plans like 4gb,8gb etc. It itself is responsible of maintaining your site and repairing inside it.
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    What is the difference between domain and hosting. How do I get it?

    Hosting and domain services are both the part of making a website. Domain is the name of your website( and web hosting is the space provided to your website.
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    Give Few reasons to use YII

    It is Easy to Install, Utilizes Modern Technologies, Highly Extensible, Encourages Testing, Simplifies Security, Shorten Development Time, and lastly Easy to Tune for Better Performance
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    Best php framework

    Larave framework. It loaded with all necessary capabilities and features, Laravel has the ability to fold well with the browsers and search engines to offer comprehensive views.
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    Wordpress themes for Blogger Blogs

    For converting those template follow the following steps. 1)Open WordPress theme click right and copy its whole html script along with stylesheet and java script files and save as html file in your computer. 2) Now go to blogger and create a new blog then go to Template section and click on...
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    Html is a necessary part of seo

    Normal website can't do without HTML! Here anchor links talking about is that, in the past adding your main keywords in the anchor link text was good way to increase the ranking of the website for some particular search query! SEO these days is not the same and which means that keyword stuffing...
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    What is Google Bot optimization

    Google bot is a spider/software that crawls the internet and indexes websites in search engine.
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    How we put a like button on blogger theme

    1. Go to your Blogger dashboard 2. Click on Template in the sidebar, then Edit HTML 3. Click inside of the text area and press CTRL + F (or CMD + F on a Mac) to open up the “Find” text box. 4. Inside the “find” box in the top right corner of the text area, enter this code and press enter TWICE...
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    Make Online Money With Blog

    Earn money online from your blog .Find out the best way of making income from your blog is Affiliate marketing, Advertising or by Google Adsense