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    Free Traffic Methods Or Courses

    My experience i followed two ways 1. Off-Page SEO activities for build backlinks. 2. Social Media Platforms
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    Simple and cheap PPC method for traffic

    Good information you shared here. But i used SEO techniques for increased my website traffic.
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    how to promote a website for free?

    Use Off-Page SEO activities for build backlinks. Some Off-Page SEO activities are 1. Directory Submission 2. Document Sharing 3. Blog Commenting 4. Guest Posting
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    PPV is dead?

    I agree your points
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    Lead Generation

    Run Paid campaign it's generate the leads for your business.
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    What is benefits of No-Follow linking.?

    No follow links are drive more traffic but did not passing the link juice.
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    How to promote business listing site

    Promote your business listing in Local business directory sites.
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    10 Advance SEO Techniques in 2018

    1. User friendly pages 2. Create user need pages 3. Mobile friendly website 4. Create content for Google’s Rankbrain 5. Drive more traffic 6. Publish informative details 7. Builsd do follow links 8. Expert roundup post 9. Structure 10. Links
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    How to grow classified site traffic

    1. First Analyse 2. Find Youe Niche 3. Know your audiance & business goal. 4. Run Paid advertisement
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    Sitemap Generation

    If you have large number of pages in your website use sitemap.
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    what is content locking

    Content locking consist of repudiating access to a specific part of content while waiting for a guest put the last touches on a necessary action.
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    What is Disavow tool?

    The Disavow tool is portion of Google Search Console that permits websites to reduction the value of an incoming link, assisting to avoid counter to link-based penalties.
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    What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ?

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of optimize your website.
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    How to Increase Page Rank with SEO 2

    Thanks for shared detailed knowledge about PR