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    How To Bank $1000+ A Month From Youtube!!

    Got approved a few minutes ago, thanks Acura. :-) Sent you a pm requesting access the gateway and training.
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    How To Bank $1000+ A Month From Youtube!!

    Hello I just applied to the network. :-) Hope to sign up for training!
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    I ordered a virtual bank account to verify a US paypal account on the 25th. The information this guy sent me didnt work and paypal refused to verify the account. I've contacted him countless times and he told me to 'try again'. When it failed again he asked for a yahoo IM to contact me...
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    It's stuck in my head!

    Brilliant, Very catchy! I can see how that would stick in your head. :-D This may be slightly off topic, its just a man of a different kind. This one gets me everytime....I guess its for all the guys who can relate and all the women with a good sense of humor! YouTube- Milton singing "The...
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    Strongerads anyone?

    I applied a while ago and have heard nothing since....I didnt get a rejection mail which is a good sign I guess, but I've not been approved either as far as I know. Ok Edit that... just found out Ive been rejected. Had to try and log onto my account to find out though.
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    My Next CPA Venture

    Its incredible reading all this, I've been throwing the exact same idea around for the last couple of weeks. I've also been interested in Shiftcode so its really helpful to see the convo's you've had with them. Thanks for posting this Silverdot. I have something else Im working on right at...
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    Crisis a.k.a Kanye West Exiles is a SCAMMER!

    Im not directly involved with whats happened here, but I've had my own issues recently as Im sure some of you have noticed. What I want to say is that with what I've gone through here, I've gained an entirely new perspective on how things are run and what Dr P really does for our members...
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    Strongerads anyone?

    Thanks Zenka, its really reassuring to hear all that. I'll definitely sign up with them then. I read about the identity check offer, but to be honest Id be happy to just have some email submits, this will be my first CPA network (if Im accepted) Im happy to start just about anywhere.
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    Strongerads anyone?

    Thanks Valis, I'll be sure to check it out some more. Judging from the signup form they're not too fussy so hopefully this is a network I can get into. (total CPA newb) Thanks for the info :-)
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    Strongerads anyone?

    Ive been searching online for a CPA network that will accept BH and CL traffic. I found someone using hassoffers, the network is called Strongerads. Has anyone used them before? This seems pretty good to me, they claim payout on BH/CL offers is weekly as long as youre over $100. Id love to...
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    CU cheque arrived!! I am happy

    I used to do CU too back when they went as LEC. Its such a great feeling to get that first cheque, congrats froodle! :star:
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    New ewhore traffic source (cheating partners type)

    Its possible that Gumtree UK cutting the personals section also helped with this...all those horny guys have got to go Somewhere, tricky thing is following them to wherever they decide to go sniffing around next......:stupido2: Nice find, thanks!
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    MMD Down for Anyone Today?

    Yep I've couldnt access the forum either for most of today...was a tough day without my MMD fix LOL but all seems to be working now :-D
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    The Merry Christmas Thread!

    Merry Xmas everyone! Im having to work today.....but Im sure most of you are out there with your families having fun, so enjoy it. :-) (have some turkey on my behalf!)
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    Dildo check trick

    This is incredible, gave me a good chuckle! :-D super slippery blow up doll with real pubic hair.....RAOFLMAO