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    Looking for social account creation.

    Let me know if you have social accounts for sale, looking for snap, fb, tinder, etc.
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    Lets get this party started

    Everyone is in quarantine... lets get this party started on the forum and give people something todo and somewhere for people to talk to others! How has the virus impacted you ? What are you doing now to recover from lost wages? WE can all make money online!
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    Lets make money!

    Ill check out the bst thread for you! And like Justmoney was mentioning, try to find higher targeted keywords, or keywords that are similar with less competition, or even miss-spelled words, those are low price and often searched. Could even try and find trends or trend keywords that are...
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    Lets make money!

    Awesome! Lets get the ball rollin, you can hit me up on skype: bodeezybank What kinda stuff you running now?
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    Lets make money!

    We are here to make money right? Where is everyone at lets get the ball rolling and make some money! Joint Ventures? Who needs help with a campaign? Lets get lively! I know your making money, and im making money..... I have the skills and knowledge to help make you more money,a million more...
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    Who wants too make $50 bucks?

    So far we got 5 clicks to beat, if 3000 clicks or more are on the board, leader will get $100.
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    Who wants too make $50 bucks?

    Trying to promote for a friend and generate some revenue for some folks on mmd :cool: If we get enough people going , I think we can raise the stakes to $100 for the top leader. Who wants to win?
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    Who wants too make $50 bucks?

    You can change the dates to w/e date range you wanted to use, I was just setting those as the date format to follow when querying it. Example: Date Start could be - 2013-07-01 Date End could be - 2013-07-14 Which would pull your stats for the last 2 weeks.
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    Who wants too make $50 bucks?

    You can use tinyurl or any url shortener. Thats what i ment by cloaking. Just so your not pushing the link.
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    Who wants too make $50 bucks?

    So far looking like one click to beat! lol that can't be to hard ? Are the stakes not high enough? lets get some input, come on MMD I know you like easy money to be made, doesn't get any easier then this.
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    Who wants too make $50 bucks?

    Well the title says it all!! I wanted to start a friendly little contest. This should be an easy $50. Its real simple. All you need to do is get the most unique clicks to your special url than anyone else! But there are a few rules... You need to send unique traffic, you will not be...
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    Thank You MMD! Happy New Year!

    Well I personally wanted to say thanks to Doc and MMD. I was refered here by Fazee and Luther about 3 or 4 years ago. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Doc and instantly became apart of this forum as though it was and is my home. In the last 3 years my life has changed so...
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    You know why other networks HATE US? is the best adult affiliate network online!

    Re: You know why other networks HATE US? We are the best adult affiliate network online! I for one have been working for MMDCash from day one, we have built everything from the ground up, recreated the site, and did it again, and just recently, we made modifications for MMDCash to open...
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    WOW banned on BHW for yet another time...LMAO

    In regards to finding your contact details, that wont do much for people, since ya'll never answer. You have to publicly post , in order for you to come out of the wood work, and then you got some sorry story how your not trying to regulate every network on bhw lol. BHW does make it so people...
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    Perhaps the Most Insane Question Ever!!

    Nps, glad i could help. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Team work! :D