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    Online Product - Offline Advertisement

    Not a bad thread! Offline does work with online products with aforementioned pennysaver.
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    Hello Everyone

    What a cool guy you are cool guy...
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    Earn cash offline affiliate is unnecessary

    The smell of bullshit scam is all over the OP's post
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    How to make $1200+ Every Single Day (VERY SIMPLE METHOD) NO BS!

    So the OP posts a thread on how to make $400-$4000 a day, yet is having an internet fight with a guy over FORTY F*CKNG dollars! Uhhhhhhh something does not add up here! LOL
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    Simple Way to Bank Huge with Fiverr and Gigbucks

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    My Offline Affiliate Marketing Method

    This guy has posted this same thread on how many different forums???
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    Retardedly easy way to make some money on the side...

    So you dug up this thread to warn us??? thanks
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    Easiest $100 You Can Make TODAY as A JV

    Yup soo true! Three copy and pasted threads in a row! lol
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    Offline Ads to CPA Offers - Anyone?

    Subscribed: Offline bandit signs are every were promoting real estate BS in my town so I would assume they would be useful for cpa.
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    Tutorial to Make $600 Per Week on eBay

    Yup, kind of left off one little detail for this method.
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    Make a few hundred $$ Every weekend

    Semper Fidelis great share and this will never get saturated due to overall laziness of most!
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    New Way To Earn money online

    Hey great share buddy. Just thank everyone for their post instead of hitting the "Thanks" button.
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    My Decent 2nd Income: Old Method Wth My Twist

    This is the first I have seen this program! Way to go OP for the share
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    Bank big with job opportunities!!!

    Hey great addition here jerkoff...
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    Yeah! Another good offline method!

    great idea thanks............