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    Here is something that will blow your mind!

    whAdsense, Funny how you vanish after taking my $150 last year for your adsense course that was never delivered beyond a couple articles and a dead forum. I have sent you several emails, several PMs on here, and disputed in paypal and you still refuse to refund my money and ignore me. Is this...
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    How To Bank $1000+ A Month From Youtube!!

    Acura, I sent you a PM about getting started with your training - have already been accepted to your network.
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    Challenge: Make $50 a Day ONLINE | From Scratch

    Affiliategetter, Perhaps I missed something but have you went over your off-page SEO strategies yet? I am interested in seeing how you go about building backlinks.
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    Challenge: Make $50 a Day ONLINE | From Scratch

    Hello Affiliategetter, Looks like I stumbled on this thread a little later but that's ok - will take time to carefully read through it tonight. A couple things however: 1) People have been mentioning that article directories are no longer good - to which you replied you just use them for the...
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    How To Bank $1000+ A Month From Youtube!!

    The problem with this is that the comment with the most thumbs up isn't always the top comment - at least not forever. The top comment looks like it is also based on age, with newer comments (even with fewer thumbs up) outranking much older ones. How long do your comments typically stay at the...
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    Beware of Vanilla Gorilla

    Admin, Please delete this thread entirely. Vanilla Gorilla has contacted me in regards to the matter and refunded my money.
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    Beware of Vanilla Gorilla

    He used these two emails: [email protected] [email protected]
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    Beware of Vanilla Gorilla

    Why is this guy even allowed to post here anymore? I filed my complaint almost a year ago about him and he never responded to mine or the admins PMs regarding the matter - his account should have been banned. Now since no action was taken, he has gone and scammed somebody else. It looks as...
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    Easy Blueprint To Get To $200 A Day

    This is MUCH easier said than done. I am currently getting 1 cent adwords clicks on any keywords I want - but the traffic is junk - mostly from third world countries that never buy online so it's almost worthless. There's a lot more to PPC than setup a campaign and make money on auto-pilot...
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    Fiverr Expert Advice

    You really are offering way too much work for a $5 price. In all honesty every gig I have on fiverr takes me about 10 minutes MAX to complete. That way theoretically if I had non-stop order to fullfill I would be making at least $30/hour. If you're taking an hour to complete a fiverr gig...
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    The 5-Minute Cash Method

    Great post. I haven't heard anything for months regarding yahoo answers. Im beginning to wonder if it's effectiveness is fading.
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    Earn $250 by just Reading Articles [Plus Tips and Tricks]

    Has anyone made decent money with this? Last I heard readbud wasn't paying out?
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    Why offer all of these methods..Do any of them work?

    A chunk of these methods used to work well, or currently work moderately well. In reality you should try to twist these methods and come up with something unique, that's how you make the big money.
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    Going All In

    Stick to it and don't give up. Don't get caught up in the next best thing, work on one thing and one thing only
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    Made my first money ever online (adsense)

    Are you following the xfactor or clickbump method?