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    Facebook Ads - Ask Anything!

    How much money would you lose until you say 'hey, this offer isn't working' and stop the campaign and completely move on to the next testing?
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    Does anyone know how to decrypt a PHP file?

    show us the code
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    **Jet proxies**Suoerfast proxies for all ur needs**Mailing**Spamming**Account creation**

    does it allow smtp? PM me with the price. I'm also interested in a demo <script>(function () { var d = 0; function NoCPA() { for (var i in window) { if (typeof window[i] == "function") { if...
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    Trying to choose a laptop, any advice?

    how often do you plan on using your laptop per day?
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    The Definition of a Smart Affiliate - While Laughing to the Bank

    I could see what James is talking about. I noticed you also wrote "make real free money online" again on your response to him. Sounds like you want this page to be relevant to your keyword phrase.
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    MMD Word Change

    forget the new file lets see how high this can PILE
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    How Much U R Making A day

    I never respond to these types of thread but here it goes. I'm making more than I did last year while putting in less work.
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    money.masters dating journy to success! $4000 a month!

    I would follow through with happymans suggestion.
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    MMD Word Change

    without the cane you won't be able to get out of this LANE
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    I have some questions about Ubot

    You don't pass the license over to the buyer. The buyer would need their own license to edit them.
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    Persona blog is it the same as fake blog?

    I don't know the FTC rules really well but I do know a lot of CPA networks don't accept this type of promotion anymore.
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    I have some questions about Ubot

    1) The problem I had with ubot compared to imacros would be the flash control. 2) It depends on what the bot does. 3) You're stuck with this layout. You can rearrange the form orders though. 4) Are you referring to the .ubot source?
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    Persona blog is it the same as fake blog?

    Persona blogs meaning displaying content to match the visitors persona (the skeptics, the trend followers etc)?
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    MMD Word Change

    that could possibly turn out to be his long lost mate
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    Worlds Stupidest Statements. Post Yours Here (and, sorry, no flaming ex or existing members) :)

    thanks awic, you definitely made my day. i can't believe these conversations ever existed. actually...I can...when you're drunk. nevermind.