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    How to Create Verified eBay & PayPal Accounts Cheaply & Easily

    What VOIP service can I use to verify a stealth ebay seller account? Thanks
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    How can I hide iframe code in webpage source code?

    That works perfectly, this is exactly what I needed to keep those prying eyes from finding my methods :p
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    How can I hide iframe code in webpage source code?

    I am using iframes for many different things, hidden iframes mostly. But I need to know how or if it is possible to not only make an iframe not visible in the webpage as I know how to do that already. But how can I make the iframe code not visible in my webpage source code? Any help or...
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    How to safely get iframe traffic?

    I have a network of adult sites with lots of traffic, I need to iframe a new non-adult site that already gets traffic on my adult sites so I can boost my alexa rank and google analytics so I will be able to join some better CPM networks that only accept high traffic websites. How can I do this...
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    Working in a different country?

    I am wondering if anyone here is working online as an IM'er in a different country, but earning money from another country with a currency of higher value.... I was recently looking at currency exchange rates and living expenses in other countries. I live in the US and was thinking if it is...
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    How do I click a javascript button?

    I am working on a home project to automate a task so I can improve my time management. I am using a web browser control and need to automate the process of clicking a javascript button. I have tried to click the button by it's value but it is not working and I cannot click the button by ID...
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    [GET] Redirect On Steroids

    Sales Page: Virus Total: Download: - Redirect On
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    Send text to a Tinymce form in Visual Basic 2010

    Try this name for the message body "compose_text"... Ex: WebBrowser1.Document.GetElementById("compose_text").SetAttribute("value", TextBox.Text) Let me know if this works....
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    I will create a software for you

    I haven't completely finished any yet, I think I accepted many request but doing my best to do them all. I have been juggling multiple projects... The indexer has features such as a search engine submitter, RSS feed creator/submitter, statistical website submitter, joins bookmarking sites and...
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    I will create a software for you

    I am posting this message just as a note that I am still very busy and working on fulfilling everyone's request for a software to be made... Just letting ya'll know that I ain't leaving everyone hangin... This thread is still closed to new requests
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    If you could have anything on this site...

    There is no way I can pick just one thing. I would like the water scooter, transparent pool table, shot glass checker board, apocalypse survival kit, glow in the dark spray paint, medieval hand blades, shot glass roulette, etc, etc, etc. :)
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    Visual Basic Source Code Help

    No reason to laugh bro, I would only be laughing at myself. I have had a few internet marketers wanting to team up with me to market my softwares after I started a thread in MMD offering to make free softwares for peoples requests. I did it for the experience and to give back to the MMD...
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    Visual Basic Source Code Help

    I am working with "Visual Basic".... This is the code I needed to click on an image: Dim theElementCollection As HtmlElementCollection theElementCollection = Me.WebBrowser1.Document.GetElementsByTagName("image") For Each var1 As HtmlElement In theElementCollection If...
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    I will create a software for you

    This thread is temporarily closed to new requests, I will post a message letting everyone know when I will be taking more requests. For everyone that has already requested a software to be built, I am currently doing my best to get them all done (Free of course). :) David
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    I will create a software for you

    I think that may be possible, just add me in skype to further discuss the function of the program. Skype name: david.eugene.crozier