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    How cashback and incentives help to drive more sales

    Hey you all, This time I want to share with you something interesting to drive more sales to your online shop: using incentives. The concept is not new, however, it is very powerful when used correctly, because it brings your customers an extra reason to buy from you, and furthermore, it...
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    The Importance of Social CRM in Running an E-commerce Store

    I'm opening this thread because I'd like to get your ideas regarding social CRM and e-commerce, because it is more important than ever before to provide an excellent customer support, and social media is a multi-channel field that deserves much attention, because there are your customers that...
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    Bitcoin news

    But how is your telegram channel any different form the rest out there? I think you should at least explain us what differentiates you and how we can benefit from joining it, not simply spamming it here...
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    How to earn 100$ easily bro's

    Damn, these wanna-be preachers who only want to fool all these beginners into their agenda. Guys, if you truly want to make money, then learn how the heck do proper marketing, learn everything, join communities and discuss, and most importantly, TAKE MASSIVE ACTION!
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    New Scam Alert Using MEW Wallets

    Thanks for the warning! It is a must to keep yourself informed when investing in cryptocurrencies, because there are new scams popping out every single day...
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    How to find the best hashtags to use

    I recommend you to use hashtagify as well, it has been working really well for me. In addition, you should also check viral posts in your niche and find out what hashtags they are using as well, this will help you to make your posts even more popular.
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    Core differences between PPC and SEO.

    For PPC you have to pay (Pay Per Click) and Search Engine Optimization is a different kind of beast, you have to invest, sure, but the organic traffic is technically "free". That's the difference, completely different things in the approach and possibly the end results.
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    Best Wordpress Plugins

    If you want a guideline for SEO good practices, then Yoast is pretty fine. However, your SEO shouldn't be guided by plugins, it must be based on your own research of the niche and competition.