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    Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysqli_connect()

    I get the error message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysqli_connect() in /home/reward/public_html/include/db/Db_connection.php on line 42 Basically, I edited a file called 'config.php' with the database information but for some reason it generates that error line. Could anyone...
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    Question about: Facebook Blaster Pro 9.02

    When you log in and after it adds the 30 friends, like you tell it to in the settings....will it automatically log into the next account?
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    VIP Members? <Top Secret>

    Not trying to be negative but it really isn't active and doesn't have much :( Hopefully it'll improve
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    DO NOT BUY Lively Browser's Facebook Friend Adder Pro!!!! BIG SCAM

    I recently purchased it and not only the program didn't work but they wouldn't even refund me. They offer a so called 30 day money back guarantee but really it's one big lie! The program didn't work so of course I requested a refund and five days later they say they've refunded me but they...
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    How People are doing facebook fanpage services

    Fiverr will use saturated accounts to get you fans :( You wont get more then 100 for 5$ IMO
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    Tinie or NEo ?

    Is NeoApp v2.17 working atm? I don't think it is for me:(
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    How People are doing facebook fanpage services

    Most people have like hundreds or thousands of accounts and used automatic software (that costs a lot) to invite all the friends on each account. That's probably the easiest way and all of the fans aren't targeted and are just randomly chosen. One way to get targeted fans is by adding certain...
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    CPAlead FB app ?

    Try reading some ebooks or hire a personal trainer if you're starting from complete scratch. You're going to have to keep trying different things and eventually you'll find something that works and brings in some nice $. It's all about experience and experimenting to find the most efficient and...
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    CPAlead FB app ?

    If you don't think the guru's make 10k+/day go to the Cpalead chat or even go to Cpalead's twitter and you can see the top earners. They all use Facebook apps, well 90+% of them do that make those huge figures.
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    CPA Lead Reward Website with cpalead?

    Thats one type of Facebook advertising that costs a shit load especially since it's through Facebook. The Facebook marketing we're talking about is black hat thus the sub forum 'facebook' is under the Black Hat SEO section.
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    CPA Lead Reward Website with cpalead?

    Too be honest I don't have a clue what you just said :S. Facebook is black hat so I guess it's possible then :). When apps are viral you're going to have upwards of 50k+ traffic to your page. With a simple EPC of $0.10 (EASY) you're going to make 5k if your niche and other factors are half...
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    CPA Lead Reward Website with cpalead?

    In my opinion it's to prevent affiliates simply paying users to complete their offers. When they're getting paid they're going to have no interest in the offer and rush through it with fake information. If this happened the companies who place their offers through Cpalead wouldn't be receiving...
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    Verify multiple Facebook Accounts?

    Yes my Kaspersky also picked up a Trojan. I don't know if it's a bad one or not. Does anyone have the original thread?
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    2011 New Years Resolutions?

    Myn is to do good @ year 12 and not fuck up my life
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    [GET] Free Facebook Account Creator - Multi Threaded - Facebookdevil -

    How long until email verification will work?<too short>