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    CPA method question [noob][method?]

    I saw something similar the other day when searching for a serial, but they didn't use CPALead. There are lots of sites offereing "cracks/serials" but you have to signup to join, and the impression I was getting where that they never had the serial in the first place.
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    Talzick Month 3

    Reading this thread gives me motivation :) Keep working at it, you're getting there!
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    Auto-Tune - am I the only one?

    Avalance of lies, avalanch of liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeessssss. Oh, and.... We don't know you (we don't know you), we don't want you (we don't want you), who are you? Who? Who are youuuuuuuu? That parody of the UKIP guy made me piss myself.
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    From noob to guru in $0 - Year 1

    Aweber is a paid solution that's not too expensive if you are just starting out with a small list. You could also use something like PHPList but I've always had problems sending mail from my own servers (not hitting the inbox etc.)
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    Review this method for a n00b

    I think that if you've never done anything like this before you're likely to make a mistake that will get you banned from the AFF program. I think there are better ways to about making money online than signing up to your own offers to be honest, I'd recommend you have a look around the forum...
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    Multiple backlinks from one site?

    Yes they still count. Take Ezinearticles for example - you can get tonnes of backlinks from that one domain and they are all counted. Backlinks on the same URL are different, I think it's something like they take the first instance of the backlink and use that one and ignore the other.
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    Talzick Month 3

    Page one already - just proves that if you put the work in and keep going you'll get results :)
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    Talzick Month 3

    Could be dependant on which adspots they click on. Also I was looking at one of your sites and the right navigation is still messing up the display of the Adsense - also another tweak would be to make the Adsense more a part of the content, more "inline". Finally, I noticed that your CPALead...
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    From noob to guru in $0 - Year 1

    A few things for you to think on.... don't spent all night getting excited because Market Samurai said that the keywords look favourable - instead get working on cracking them. You might find that the tools are reporting incorrect data and that there isn't much traffic for those keywords, or it...
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    How To Make Quick Money Online For Free

    I can't see any ebook - it's just a make money online blog.
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    From noob to guru in $0 - Year 1

    Repying so I can subscribe :) Good luck.
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    If I become a paid subscriber to this forum....

    I think that even in the VIP section you still need a certain amount of posts to post in the JV section.
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    Media Buys Debunked & $2000 a month Campaign

    States it in here:
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    HTML Contact Form Broken?

    Nice one. I was going to suggest if you have a problem like this again then break it down even more. On your mailing page, I would have removed the mail part and simply echoed the variables to make sure they have the right info in them.
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    Media Buys Debunked & $2000 a month Campaign

    He's not going to reply because he's banned. That's what the name in black means.