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    >> SAPE Rank << Get 100's of Hi PR SAPE Links - Rank Competitive Keywords

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    3000 views per day No MONEY !!!!

    try to promote some products, 3000 views a day is very good traffic. is it targeted? is it from US / UK? make sure to target the right offer (product) on each page and you will see sales happening for sure if the traffic is legitimate.
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    Media buys using juicy Ads.

    Haven't tried clickcash, i'd recommend u to stick to well known names so you get good traffic. one of my friends has really made a killing doing this but he's a genius and works really hard. you need to split test a lot and see what converts for you. Good luck and dont forget to share your...
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    How about stickers?

    Its a good and doable idea. Also consider distributing flyers as stickers will be more expensive than flyers.
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    We buy silver & Gold

    Its a doable method, if you have enough money to buy Gold. Gold and Real Estate need some investment but the returns are good without any work :) In past few years gold prices have really skyrocketed and there's no reason to believe it will stop in coming few years.
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    >> SAPE Rank << Get 100's of Hi PR SAPE Links - Rank Competitive Keywords

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    I need answers for some questions on Email Marketing?

    -buy lists/scrape them -use a software, but it wont be profitable. better build your own list. -get aweber, its really good for opt in email marketing.
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    Buying Facebook Fan Pages with over 100K likes

    u can ask on make a project to get desired FB fan page, u will spend less money trust me :)
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    Dominating A Highly Competitive Niche

    With enough links it is possible. Im on rank #6 for a kw that has 44k exact searches and pays $25 per sale :D
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    Stay Away From Ewa

    I've read many complaints about them. they even stopped paying people i think.. someone on trafficplanet complained EWA didnt pay then $2k and wont even respond to emails :O
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    buying backlinks good or bad??

    depends on what u buy :D google hates automated links like bookmarks, profies that u make with software (1 blast = 1000's of links) if you want to buy, then buy SAPE links or Guest Post Links that are done manually.
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    PR 9 Forum Backlinks

    PR9 is the Homepage rank, but when u create a new profile page for backlinks, it will have PR0 only. But good share, always good to add more links :D
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    Steps To Make Google Penguin Love Your SEO

    great post buddy, true content is king. Google hates MFA and MNS sites. They prefer branded sites more. Now all my sites have custom banners, themes and i Use Google Authorship also. Promoting socially (FB, YT, Twitter) not only gets good backlinks & Google trust but also helps to gain some...
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    Need Help In Seo

    - update content frequently - build more links with diff anchor text and raw url as anchors - get different type of backlinks (bookmarks, profiles, guest posts, SAPE links, etc) - last and most important... Content shud have good keyword density and good ON Site SEO (h1, h2, image alt text)
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    How to earn from a blog site which have 70 thousends visitor per month ?

    You can try to promote affiliate programs/zip offers/products. it depends on the niche and keywords of your blog. also, where are u getting visitors from? UK US will convert well for aff offers but if ur traffic is asian then best you shud promote some ebook like make money online :D