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    USA is KING! read before you judge! american internet law!

    CISPA is SOPA reformed. Ive emailed, called and spread as much word as I can.
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    Content Locking Movie Site- First time IM campaign

    Something I was thinking of doing with an E-book is if it truely is something people will want to read front to back back the first bit of it extremely useful and informative to people. Offer a free sneak peak to people who opt-in. Then sell the full version for 7-17 bucks or what have you...
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    Creating a Website for others to make nearly instant money.

    Okay guys, so this is what I am thinking of doing with a friend of mine. Basically all day long he scours a few sites to see what products he could buy and make money on. He is only one man so can only order so much and sell so much. Ill leave his methods out of this as that is not the...
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    Road to Product Creation & Marketing.

    I am putting this project on the side just until I help get a very close friend of mine all set up. Currently he has a process of making money online that has gotten him roughly a half of million in the bank. I am going to be partnering with him to help him outsource his business model so he...
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    Road to Product Creation & Marketing.

    the keyword itself has like 300k global and 74k monthly, low comp Then a few other keywords in the phrase have medium to high comp and are 70+k
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    Road to Product Creation & Marketing.

    Yeah for sure, I didnt plan on having to rank particularly well considering its really the only product to solve peoples problems in this regard. I was searching a phrase and the exact was low, the individual keywords themselves are particularly high. And yeah I planned on having to JV...
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    Road to Product Creation & Marketing.

    So realistically for what I need it for it would work? Because the product im creating isnt searched for period. The problem is solves is searched for in various ways and combinations of terms. I don't really need good SEO as much as I need traffic hitting on all variations of the keyword/s...
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    Road to Product Creation & Marketing.

    I never quite understood the difference. Maybe you could elaborate a bit? It isnt exact if I uncheck broad and choose just exact the number are really low.
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    Road to Product Creation & Marketing.

    I have a quick question. So after doing a little keyword research the most pertaining keyword and phrase has 28k global and 15k local monthly searches. Little no competition. I know there is a market and plenty of people search for the term and there is no product that actually helps the...
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    Road to Product Creation & Marketing.

    Okay updated the goals and my general guidelines for now. There is still a lot more in between I know I am not thinking of right now, as I think of them I will update. Later today after I get some sleep I will actually go into detail a bit about my product. I have to think of how best to...
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    Road to Product Creation & Marketing.

    Thanks for the interest guys, it actually helps to keep me motivated. I still have to come up with a proper to do list to follow which is actually difficult in its own regard. Currently I am in the process of making my product on paper before putting it in the works to physically create it. I...
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    Road to Product Creation & Marketing.

    EDIT: I am going to break down my goals into individual parts as there are a lot of things involved with creating a successful product from the ground up. From actual creation, securing patents, getting funds to actual manufacture the product, building clientelle, creating proper avenues to...
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    Step by Step method to make $500 a day with Movie Sites

    Sorry to bug yah but could you elaborate a little on how to comment and like using the facebook plugin on watchthisfree I am just trying to test it out and while it lets me like it it does not let me leave a comment. I must be missing somthing but I figure if you could run through this step...
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    Need advice.

    Alright so I dont know why I didnt think of this sooner sorta makes me feel dumb heh. MY girlfriends brother is a pro athlete. Is sponsored by a major company IE. Nike, etc for example. Travels all over the world for free and is going to be doing a project with lil' wayne soon. He has no...
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    What to do with 6000$

    This is something I am interested in as well. I do not have 6k at the moment but I can and will turn my 200-500 dollars into a good 1500 this next week and then double that. The things I do offline may not be ethical or illegal, but it makes me money. I do NOT want to do this for a living...