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    CPA Affiliates Network

    Sounds good, you are affiliate manager there?
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    Are You Loser Or Winner ?

    once you started to make money it gets addicted Seeing only a few dollars youre like wow I made that online. Now you have to reapt your success and make more :D
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    How can increase my domain value?

    i agree dont look at that domain apprisals. build good backlinks and good content
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    Website Security

    if you run wordpress always use plugin 'secure wordpress' or 'bulletproof security'
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    How to start making money online??

    use something that you are passionate about. that way it will be easier and more fun to make a website. could be anything, computers,hobby, woman. stop thinking and just start. make a blog on blogspot and write stuff, put ads on it and learn to promote.this way you make your first dollars quick.
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    will I get ban from Adsense for doing this?

    Dont 'generate' traffic for Adsense. If you want to keep your account only 100% whitehat seo. Dont forget is Google, they know everything. play safe and never break their rules.
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    How to promote web-site?

    To start you can promote on facebook page, twitter, Google+ then d social bookmarks like digg, stumble upon and you can also do blog comments, and article marketing
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    What do you do with your VPS?

    Do you recommend i buy scrapebox? My VPS 1GB RAM, 1TB data and 1000mbit port speed. Its worth the money?
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    What do you do with your VPS?

    Its good you point out that really its much like a normal computer you have except its not a PC but a server. So some things we better don't do to make money on a PC but a VPS or Dedicated server, is like you said Mailing. I think some software like scrapebox or SEO tools is also better on a...
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    AD SENSE ban question

    I don't think this should be a problem. But if you are worried why not use privacy protection? At least not use gmail address for contacts I think youŕe good.
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    oops wrong post lol
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    Thanks! So no download anymore okay. Was I was looking for titled something like 'Get free content'. I know how to make website and how to do SEO but im not so good in writing content. Anyone have some suggestions?
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    How to promote web-site?

    Maybe start with real content instead of Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet.. lol :D
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    What do you do with your VPS?

    Hi ngasqus. i reply to you post but a moderator dont approve my post. it seems I cant provide any links
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    Need suggestion for domain name

    You know what I do, go to Google adwords keyword tool, enter those keywords you just mention. select and copy all the results and paste it to Godaddy bulk domain search tool.