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    Country specific games

    Hi Moneymagnet1, Thanks for the reply, I want o target specific country game reason some pin submit offers are really high paying in specific countries hence I want to target country specific games and yes thanks language criteria is also a good option Any other answers please
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    Country specific games

    Hello MMD Staff and Members, I want to target country specific games for content locking. My problem is I am not aware of any methods on how to find games which are popular in particular countries. For example I want to target Spain , now I want to know what are the most popular video games or...
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    How Smeltzer saved a Game and you can profit from it.

    Thanks bro, I am doing at the moment game cheats and hacks driving traffic using Youtube. problem is youtube keeps banning videos, hence I am looking for something which will give more returns with less cost involved. Thanks once again bro
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    How Smeltzer saved a Game and you can profit from it.

    If I want to try this what should be the basic approach smeltzer
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    $200 A Month - Badly In Need For A Method

    PPD+Youtube and CPA+Youtube and Torrents all are working. You need to find twists to the old methods and you would be fine.
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    BlamAds payment problems

    Goutham Vipparthi has left Blam
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    ☛ Superstar MMD Member is here ..

    Welcome aboard bro
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    Free Proffesional LOGO Designing For MMD Members from Sharuns Graphics.

    Hi Sharun008, I have sent you a PM of my request. Thanks, Regards, mastermind97
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    CPA + YOUTUBE Newbie Journal

    Never mind bro and good luck. I am sure you will soon see money. All the best
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    Welcome new Moderator Bizzoyce!

    Congrats Bizzoyce for the new assignment
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    Welcome new Moderator ImAdmirer

    Congrats ImAdmirer for the new assignment.
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    My name is Doc, but you can call me Ben :)

    Its glad to know the real Doc, this is a very good move in my opinion, plus whatever you do is great. Thanks for the lovely community MMD started by you. Whatever I am earning right now all the credit goes to MMD. And yes you look great in real self as well as that tattoed one. Regards and...