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    Computer will not boot windows install discs.

    Ok. So. I have a computer here that no matter what windows disc I use, it will not boot from it. ( win 7, win vista, win xp) But, if I put in a linux disc, or ultimate boot disc, it boots just fine. At one point the hard drive had ubuntu linux on it. That does not load anymore, and I don't want...
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    Hello! - I've two months to earn $700 or I won't have enough to pay my rent...

    Honestly man, I've been playing the im game for a while now and while 700 is pretty quick score, if your just starting out it could take you months or even a year to make that. A very very small percentage of people ever make it in this business and even fewer their first time out with little to...
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    [HELP] Getting me started

    Do a search for user kickapooh. Check out his 3000 a week emailing guide and walk through. Don't just read his intro but check out the entire thread. There is a TON of useful information in that post. Sent from my ADR6400L using Tapatalk 2
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    miami personal injury lawyer

    Your best bet is to call one of the larger injury lawyer firms. Ask around locally for some references. If there a good company, you'll definitely find some. I wouldn't go straight for whatever ad you see on t.v. Most good, legitimate ones have free consults so your not out anything. And don't...
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    Follow Me As I Build a Profitable Niche Website from Scratch!

    So far so good brother. Looks like everything came together for you. Was starting to wonder if you were ever going to update this thread again. I love seeing all of theses journals progress for everyone and people start making money.
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    Youtube and Mass Video Blaster

    MVB has needed an update for a long time. Try holding out a little while and see if there is going to be one release soon.
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    Google pagerank question!

    More than likely it's fake PR. A lot of times, people take and snatch up a bunch of expiring domains with PR then can forward them to the new domain. More often than not at the next update, the site will loose its PR.
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    How Many Video Views to Get a Cam Sale?

    It's impossible to tell you exactly how many views your going to need before you get a sale. But in theory them ore traffic the more chances your going to have to get it. Keep track of your numbers over the next couple weeks and you'll be able to work out what kind of ctr and sign up rate your...
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    Should I join V.I.P ?

    I was VIP for quite a while. There is a gank load of information in there and the chatbox is so informative. Even if you don't talk with the other people and just read what they had to say you'll learn a lot. Only reason I am not longer a VIP member is because I was allowing myself to chat in...
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    An Aspiring Blackhat Internet Guru's Journey to 500+ a week

    Hardest thing to do for a lot of people is to just buckle down and get with the program. Especially if they don't see the results they want straight away. Just keep your chin up and and keep trucking alone man. You'll get there.
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    Penguin on the Monopoly Board

    Hey Monopoly. You happen to use Azon Theme by any chance? I was looking at it the other day and trying to find an honest review if it was any good or not. Figured you were hardcore into amazon sites so thought I'd give it a go and ask.
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to MMD. Honestly I think sales just comes naturally to people. Either there awesome and could sell a Jew a burning cross or couldn't even sell the same Jew a bucket of water for that cross. It's a gift. Some people are able to learn it and master it well though. Good luck to you.
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    Hey ROB there's definitely plenty of ideas here. Just take your time and look around. Find something that interests you and start doing more research on the subject and give it a shot. The hardest part that most people never do is simply start.
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    Been here a while, haven formally introduced myself though

    Hey Jeremy welcome to MMD , you should consider starting a journal thread and keep us updated as to how your black hatting trials and tribulations are going. Those believe it or not are extremely well conversation starters and great networking opportunities.
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    Hi From U.S. Gulf Coast

    Hey Magoo, love the name btw. Just take a look around and take a few minutes to actually take in what you read. Find a method that interests you and give it a shot. At the very least you'll learn something new and at best be making some mad bank.