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    Follow Me As I Build a Profitable Niche Website from Scratch!

    I'm with Smeltzer too. No update? :( Looks like your busier with your other projects.
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    Content Locking Movie Site- First time IM campaign

    Link to that article? :P
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    Content Locking Movie Site- First time IM campaign

    Read your journal to the end. Are you yet to make money from your movie website?
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    Advertising in PTC + Landing Page Question.

    I'm not at all an expert but I wanted to make a few points that you might take into consideration: 1. Your landing page isn't good at all. It sounds like someone is blatantly advertising to make a few bucks. I would say improve your landing page a little bit before you give it a go. Try out...
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    To $1000 Per Day And Beyond

    @Buddha, don't be optimistic. When things don't go as good as planned, you feel demotivated (something that you shouldn't feel as far as internet marketing is concerned). Worker harder and expect lower outcome. Trust me on this: one day, it's going to be the other way around. You will get much...
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    @Doc and Smeltzer, Aletpay info?

    Where CE is from doesn't matter. Paypal does not support my country. Doc said to PM him for the Alertpay VIP subscription info. So, I PM'ed but haven't received any reply yet. Look at the 18th post of this thread...
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    @Doc and Smeltzer, Aletpay info?

    I think you're from India. @Doc, no reply yet. :(
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    @Doc and Smeltzer, Aletpay info?

    About 5 days ago, I sent Doc an email on what is the alertpay info for paying the VIP subscription but I'm yet to receive a reply.