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    BlamAds payment problems

    For everyone who never got paid. This is serious and we need to stand up and fight for our money. I have created a facebook group "blamads not paying" and will file complaints at the BBB and the IC3. This is serious and Ryan needs to pay his publishers for what they worked for. I am even willing...
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    need help with douchebag buyer

    Okay so I sell my logo design service on ebay and this douchebag orders 5 logo concepts from me. Before I even started the work just from the email he sent me and the way he came off I already knew he was going to be a pain in the ass. He told me to ask questions if needed so I did. I mentioned...
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    Do affiliate networks redirect your traffic?

    Okay, so I have multiple offers I'm promoting. I registered 3 domains specifically to do some split testing with driving traffic offline. I used 3 different offers...all pay per free signup. I placed a few stickers around town in high traffic areas and sure enough I was getting hits, and some...
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    welcome leandros21 as Elvis stated, you made the right choice! lots to learn here. Are you from hawaii?
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    GBM's TWITTER ARMY METHOD [create a whole army of twitter bots!] [GREAT FOR PPC!]

    great share GBM! Going to setup my first bot now =) Really appreciate you taking the time to create the video. This yahoo pipes thing looks interesting. I'll look into other methods and ways to utilize yahoo pipes also.
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    Team Caffeine =X

    we are going with an ebook. me and corker can't get in touch with badar so it looks like so far it will be just me and corker on this project.
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    Let's Send Google A NASTY Message

    sounds like fun! :cool: cyber bullying the bully! Count me in.
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    Team Caffeine =X

    Team Caffeine The members: Corker nuclear badar :cool:
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    MMD♕ OFFICIAL Auto Team Machine

    "Yes I want a Shot at The Prizes I Realize They May Be of Some Valuable Assistance In Helping me Get a Step ahead In This Internet Marketing Game" "I AM THE 3RD POST OF AUTO TEAM 2"
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    Make EASY Money From World Of Warcraft!

    Tried this with a f2p luck. it is actually a game that I have a max level character on so getting the gold to the players would be really easy for me...unfortunately everyone that responded to my world chat was interested in the free gold until I asked them to add me on skype or they...
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    Spits Out $48.50 "s" Easily! -Share Your Inspirational Quotes To Get It!

    “It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.” -Mark Twain
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    My Easy Email Submit Method! Bank Big!!

    I'd like to try this method also but have no idea on building a facebook app. I got as far as getting a pva fb account and setting up ineo. Now I need to build a facebook app on my pva account. Any help would be much appreciated! :cool:
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    Twist on Kickapooh's Method. All credit goes to Kickapooh

    I haven't gotten it yet, doesn't look like the OP is active...probably busy or forgot.