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    Question for SEO experts..

    yes this will work, but to get more link juice you will want to also create some quality articles and submit them to do follow article directories, do a little social bookmarking as well and directory submissions. These will help you out and diversify your links.
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    Link Wheel will be good??

    Don't get so hung up on link wheels or pyramids. The important thing is to just do it. Go with the fundamentals - create content and submit it to directories, social bookmarking site, forums and other blogs. Don't spam, keep the quality high and content relevant and you should be more than good!
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    What Is Seo?

    Thanks, I see you have lots of useful content. Keep providing as much as you can, I know we all appreciate it.
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    How to Increase Page Rank with SEO 2

    Thanks for sharing! Just implementing the fundamentals will get you far in IM
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    SEO Tips You’ve Probably Forgotten

    Thanks for the info. For bullet point #8, how do you go about making them a nofollow?
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    Today is the Day!

    I love it, thanks for the motivation!
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    Journey to $50 a day with Youtube

    Congrats rogiwila, keep up the good work. Looks like you will reach your goals soon enough. Do you think this will be a stable income? 40 vids/day sounds like a hell of a lot of videos!
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    Cheated me on Fiverr - What should i do to t he Guy ?

    its not worth it, just leave the negative feedback and move on. At least the experience didn't cost you more...
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    Help me figure out what I should start with !

    Usually the best place to get started is in affiliate marketing because most of the "big things" (landing pages, sales pages, banners, free products etc) are already provided for you - all you have to do is get the traffic. I would suggest starting off in a niche that interests you and go from...