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    Smeltzer Email Marketing Journal the Solo Ad Experience

    hey Smeltzer, how is this all going for you - everything still going alright? Do you have any updates for us? Its great motivation hearing from you...
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    Betcha haven't seen this link building trick before...

    nice information Jay, thanks for sharing - do these types of links show up when doing a backlink profile such as ahref's or do you just trust that they work?
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    [Click Cash System] Make $4,000/Month in 30 Minutes a Day Guaranteed

    Hey Cory, watched the webinar and signed up just now to hear more:) cheers outbackjoe
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    Instant Dating/Adult Traffic, No Bullshit Just Traffic

    Hey Reasonable, sent you a skype message, cheers outbackjoe
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    What Do You Struggle With?Maybe I Can Help

    ahh excellent advice, so for a compelling offer i am a bit stuck, if i am paying for a solo ad there is a good chance that the list my offer is being sent to may have already seen the usual 'list building' or 'plr riches' info as a way to convince them to subscribe, how do i find relevent info...
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    What Do You Struggle With?Maybe I Can Help

    hi tahir, i am looking at solos ads and sending traffic to a squeeze page, offer either a free product up front for optins and then offer a paid product as a OTO, mainly to pay for the solo ads cost and build my list possibly cost free, do you have any tips based on your list building...
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    New But No Noob ;)

    welcome, nice to meet you Tahir
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    "How To Build A List"

    you could at least credit the original writer of the information even though you did change a little bit of it...its good info but it should be as someone else wrote it... original text - How To Make Money Online | With Chris Farrell | Voted No.1 Internet Marketing Service Online by...
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    Cold Calls- Reputation Management...

    i don't know about cold calling working that well, but if you have the gift of the gab and pick the right time to approach businesses it can work but busines people are a bit wary of sales people turning up at their doorstep to sell something, they are generally time poor. i have found...
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    i t s me!!!

    welcome amelie, i hope you find what you are looking for, there are plenty of seasoned marketers on this forum
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    $600 EASY Profit In 2 Days - What You're Missing Out On!

    you could maybe put your clients that are happy with the service on a three monthly plan so every three months repeat the flyer and delivery, maybe a seasonal influence, summer, winter etc different graphics for different seasons get them to pay in advance if you are good at selling?
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    $600 EASY Profit In 2 Days - What You're Missing Out On!

    there's probably hundreds of ways to get company details for this method: phone book local newspaper google software yelp yellow pages walk down the street pay someone to do it you get the picture, don't let up
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    How would you create a list of Tradesman?

    some local papers feature tradies and other services on a dedicated page,so maybe see if you can find 'local' papers and search thru also some shops have notice boards for service providers to add their biz card, maybe you could check them out too Buggz' software will easily do what you want...
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    Google giving away FREE internet BETA (TiSP)....

    gee, the lengths google will go to in order to spy on you, watch out swiffjustus google is in your loo! i love the 24 hr breakdown service in case of brownouts!
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    ♠☺☻♣♫ Exclusive Tweak on an Old Method

    cool, so to quote our "mad scientist friend" : Do a Bit of Research and Googling to find High ranking ebooks, Lists or Articles Related to Your Niche. (Something posted By popular Authors or Respected reviewers is a Plus ) I find Those top 10,20,50,100 List work well as they Usually...