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    Hey guys, Thunder checking in from NZ

    Welcome to MMD, great to see another NZ'er on here :)
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    My name is Doc, but you can call me Ben :)

    Lifes good, but always striving to make it better :) Just started at university this year, been doing less IM lately and instead have been working on what might be the next big startup :) Thought I'd pop back in because I love this place lol. Got something in mind that I plan on offering to...
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    My name is Doc, but you can call me Ben :)

    Its cool to see what you really look like Doc, but I'll always picture you as the red haired, tattooed badass :p
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    14 years old and $100 a day on autopilot - But I'm not stopping there!

    Good luck to you man, Im 18 and started in this business when I was around your age. 100 a day on autopilot is definitely achievable, just keep at it and remember to always think outside of the box.
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    Need a big favour - $10 reward and invite to the next big social network

    Hey everyone, I haven't been active on MMD for quite a while due to a lot of things I've had going on. Anyway, some of you might have heard about Mycube, its the new social network that is aiming to take down Facebook. Ive actually applied for the special internship they have: THE MyCube...
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    Sorry for the inactivity

    Hey Guys, Sorry I haven't been around much, lately I have had many regional competitions and national competitions for Debating and Economics. As well as a truck load of school work, teachers have been piling up a lot of assessments lately. Ontop of all that I am studying for my exams which...
  7. Reizar Effective and Easy link cloaking solutions

    Hey, The site will be back up, this is just a bit of temporary downtime from the host. I will be trying to get the site back online asap. Thanks Reizar
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    Crazy banners

    It comes down to "curiosity killed the cat". Website viewers are intrigued by these types of ads as they are outside of the square. So you get the clicks :)
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    MMD Answers - How it works

    Its not you, its because when the upgrade to vbulletin 4 happened, we had to remove a lot of the old plugins. Some of which haven't been updated yet.
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    Helo from Dr-Net

    Hi Dr-Net, welcome to the forum, Hope you enjoy your stay at MMD. :)
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    HI New to the forum!

    Hey Kimber, Welcome to MMD, there are plenty of resources and methods to help you make more money :) Reizar
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    My outrageous thrilling journal to a 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder!

    Will an insurance company insure me? hmmm... Main reason why I decided against a lambo. Had the same goal as you, but just not worth it for me in the long run. Could reinvest it into my scheme against Google and Yahoo :P Goodluck though, look forward to staying tuned on this one.
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    The IP shortage

    IP6 can generate trillions upon trillions of IP's. I doubt we will ever need that many IP's. Everyone on the internet currently would need to own 1000 computers or smart phones before we would need to start to worry. @Poggle: Good thinking :) I was thinking something similar, fear mongering...
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    The IP shortage

    So I was watching the news today and there was a story that caught my attention. We only have about 340 days worth of IP address left. ( they worked out how many new IP's were being made a day and then checked it against the number currently available ). Here's an article I found about it...
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    Need Help With NotePad Also I recommend using Notepad++ ( Its free. Google it ) its a lot better then windows notepad.