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    Awesome $ Anonymous $ Windows VPS Packages! Must See

    Re: Awesome Windows VPS Packages! All 5 Spots have been taken !
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    Awesome $ Anonymous $ Windows VPS Packages! Must See

    Re: Awesome Windows VPS Packages! Thanks for the review doc ! much apperciated offering 30% discounts for the first 5 clients exclusively for MMD members use the coupon code MMD30
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    Awesome $ Anonymous $ Windows VPS Packages! Must See (Xrumer& Scrapebox-Servers) provides you with the greatest quality, fastest speed, and best priced Virtual Private Servers for your xrumer and other black hat hosting needs . Have any questions, comments, or concerns? Email us [email protected] or contact us on skype...
  4. S is unavailable so is next best or ?

    you are using google in your domain name .. i dont think that is a good idea they have a team working full time to just catch people who infringe on these things.
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    Google pushes advertisers to optimize sites for mobile

    yeah there is definitely opportunity in this. if you noticed in the last few months there has been a lot of online marketing products targetting mobile marketing =] jump on it , plenty of opportunity in the local businesses, as usual the key is really being the first one in !
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    The lie detector . . . [funny]

    every body lies :P if he/she says they havent they need to be bitch slapped lol
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    My Offline Affiliate Marketing Method

    on the flipside you cud get ripped off too i ll post it for 80$ as well NOT... lol i mean there is no way to verify that either its really a shot in the dark
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    A resource for mobile marketing

    you have to take up the entire responsibility of marketing and managing the relationship with the clients of the small businesses you are targetting through sms campaigns etc., you can make more by potraying your self as a mobile marketing consultant than any other :-) you should be doing...
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    Mobile web developing price help

    the price is too high.. the mobile business in a box theme is really a simple one if your client gets too creative you cant do much either unless you are a developer/coder yourself to edit and make things to suit the need. you are better off starting low and the first few clients recommending...
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    Offline Marketing Idea - Highly Profitable If Applied Right

    you ll get into trouble with the staff and leaving one flyer in the cart you use is not gonna do a lot either.
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    my flawed offline strategy !

    lol.. I am guessing you are not from a country where there is a lot of snow around ?
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    my flawed offline strategy !

    Ill definitely look into this, thanks guys for all of your ideas !
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    my flawed offline strategy !

    yes, i gotta look into this, but my focus was to sell banner spots on my site also - advertising and recommending a service provider from my city. didn quiet go the way i wantd.. ill be ready before the start of the next season.
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    my flawed offline strategy !

    true, but my site is lawncare related the EMD with the city name and the site content i cant change it to the snow stuff i will have to make another site for this, but waitin to make some money of this before i jump in and spend more hehe. my city is bilingual so i am definitely losin out on...
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    my flawed offline strategy !

    NO i totally hear you man.. this is what happened with me, so i kinda gave up well now is not the season for lawn care anyways lol but i ll try next feb-march 1 more time and see what happens.