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    How to get lots of anchor texts

    First know niche of your site. Use Google keyword Planner and make keywords group for your site.
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    WikiMarks · The Power Of 9000+ Unique Wikis and 1000+ Unique Bookmarks · Insane IP Diversity!

    Good review about wiki but I want to know what is its advantage for SEO as most of the links from wiki sites are no follow.
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    Why PHP is popular

    I have observed that most of the people love to learn PHP instead of other programming languages.I want to know what is reason behind it ?
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    can i make 2 google plus accounts or thats against tos ?????????

    I think to make more than two account on Google+ violates their policy
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    What is SEO

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.It has two types that are onsite optimization and offsite optimization.Onsite optimization is related to work that we do on site and offsite optimization is related to link building