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    Prominent Leads ( Scam , Scammers Josh Okoebor, Kyle Hinckley

    Prominent Leads is a complete scam. Their affiliate managers agree to allow you to run traffic one way and then the company decides to not pay you afterwards. I have already begun legal action to retrieve my money but from the looks of it, I will be trying to get blood from a stone. I have...
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    Looking for traffic for revenge site..

    mh, yahoo answers seems like a new idea to me, i have a few FB accounts with 5000 friends but they don't seem to get much action..
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    Looking for traffic for revenge site..

    I created a revenge site with a celebrity focus, anyone have tips on how to drive traffic to it?
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    If QB owes you money, get with me on PM

    I'm owed 42k from 1 month of traffic I sent them in October of 2009. This was after over 2 years of sending them over half a million dollars worth of commissions with absolutely no hiccups.
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    FB page to my CPALead Rewards site allowed or will i get banned from FB?

    Here's the right answer, you can have your account banned from FB.. You can be banned from CPALead also per Jeremy the affiliate manager who specifically stated if FB sends them a cease and desist regarding your account they will terminate you without pay. Needless to say, I still do it and have...
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    How Insanity Was Born. A Story Of Trials And Motivation.

    *dries his tears from such a touching and sweet post*