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    Hello from Portugal

    Hey Tiago, welcome aboard. I was born in Coimbra Portugal, but have made USA my home since I was 6. Love to visit whenever I can. My only advice is take your time picking a good niche, and then just concentrate your time on driving traffic. Just be persistent, because most people give up. I...
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    F*ck Google - Account 'Suspended'

    Could someone explain to me how you could get suspended from adwords? Isn't adwords just buying PPC.
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    Survey or Paying

    Fill out a survey. Its always harder when money gets involved.
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    [GET] The Facebook Wheel Method

    Would love to know about this new method keep us posted if you learn anything about it.
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    Digg method. Get yourself on front page of digg.

    Saving this too my to list. Thanks for the information.
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    Big smiles to you all :)

    Had to say hi, after seeing your title. enjoy your stay.
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    I've being scammed! =(

    Used to work at a bank, and would have customers coming in telling me different ways they were scammed. I would cancel their card and put a hold on their accounts but by that time it was too late, the money was gone. It sucked because sometimes it was in the 10 to 20 thousand range. I hope...
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    [Easy]Earn from $5 to $100 a day[Easy]

    Will give it a try, an extra 100 or 200 a month adds up, especially when your just starting out.
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    Keyword sniping with Amazon Associates?

    Just to clarify, if you have a review up for product X and they click through and buy product Z, it still counts. I hope I'm getting that right.
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    just hi

    Welcome aboard, hope you have much success. Good luck.
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    Build a local review site for a monthly income

    Update: I just thought of this, you could expand into your surrounding towns, cities. My local restaurants pay 12.00 a day to have their menu in the local newspaper. and none of them have a website. If you can get enough local traffic coming to your site, It could be very profitable.
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    Build a local review site for a monthly income

    This is something I could try in the future. Did a quick search of my local businesses and only one had a website. Was very surprised by that.
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    50 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics You Should Be Using

    Thanks, it gave me some new ideas I could start to use.
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    Google phone number verification crap

    Try using the "invite a friend to gmail" feature inside your gmail account. I don't believe they ask for phone verification if you do it this way.