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    What is Canonical URL?

    Canonical URL is the URL which tells the search engine that the particular URL is the copy of home page.
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    What Is Seo?

    SEO as termed as Search Engine Optimizartion, it is an organic way to promote our business, website,products in the Search Engine Result Page.
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    Which Social Media Sites are help to get more traffic?

    Some of the social media platforms are: Linkedin Facebook Instagram Twitter
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    SEO in 2018

    SEO can be of two types i.e ON page seo & OFF page seo ON page: webmaster tool keyword planner google analytics OFF page: Classifieds Bookmarking Business listing
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    SEO techniques

    There re two types of SEO techniques: ON page SEO technique OFF page SEO technique Regards Stucorner
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    Learn about all digital marketing and SEO aspects

    Digital Marketing is the promotion of products & services through an electronic medium like internet.(SEO,SEM,PPC)or through social media sites(linkedin,twitter,facebook,instagram) .