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    What's the best "free" niche keyword tool ?

    Google keyword external is the best of all the keywords research tools in the world. Because it is free and convience to use. Without any limitition, you could use it anytime. MNF and MS are all some money charged, if you'd like to use. Though you can get them by cracked way, I don't think it's...
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    micro niche websites related question

    Hi guys, if you have found a profitable niche, and wanted to earn a lot. Why didn't you put afford such a little investment. A .com domain is your best choice. If you choose .info as your main domain extension, then you will spend more time and money to monitize the websites. I advise you to put...
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    I wana dominate Dating in Italy

    I have no idea about such a big dating platform. Maybe you can make a website similar to facebook. Dominating a whole market is not upon quantity, but quanlity, such as your brand.
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    1000 Blog Comments - Related to your niche - Only $15

    Great service with so lower price. But I want to know whether the final outcome is OK or not.
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    I am new and want to learn about CPA

    Welcome ram78646, there are so many courses you can use in the forum. So to digg it and research it and customize it. You'll be success quickly.
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    How to Greatly Increase Your Chances Of Getting Accepted Into Adsense

    I am very appreatied this method. And blogspot is a key method to apply for adsense account.
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    Wordpress customization examples

    I am not well at code. But I know you can customize WP theme whatever you want wiht your minds.
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    Wordpress Help Needed

    I don't understand what you want to. But wordpress is so wonderful,you can use thousands of themes and plugins to make changes to it.
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    Is digg dying ?

    Maybe you are right. Such web 2.0 sites are more and more in quantity, not quanlity.Twitter and Facebook maybe more socialble.
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    really need help!!

    a bit over 12k searches DAILY is so much.The competition with such keyword must be much higher. Or you can make much effort on some long tail keyword about this. In my opinion, the authority websties with much more traffic can make use of these high competition keywords,not your personal...
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    Improving CTR without making a site look like an adsense whore?

    LESS IS MORE, don't layout too many adsense block on your website pages. You'd better put only one or two middle block in the content. No sidebar.
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    Best backlink checker?

    There some firefox plugins for such task, you can use it free in your browsers anytime quickly.Yahoo backlinks toolbar is also wonderful.
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    Noob question about domain ranking

    what's your main traffice source .If you want to make your own brand, it's wise to use nothing keywords in your domain, such as amazon or google. Or your focus is on kW in domain. The top TLD is, of course, .com .org .net. .info is some rubbish websites most use, you know, it's not a good idea...
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    My Goal and Method For Long Term High Income From Adsense

    Wow man , great share for MMD members. That's very useful information .The step by step introduction is so wonderful.
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    new micro adsense book .. ne one have it?

    That was very great courses for a long time profitable income with all whitehat strategy .I like it so much.