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    Make $2000-3000 every month

    I'll bite, PM me the method kind sir :)
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    Spits Out $48.50 "s" Easily! -Share Your Inspirational Quotes To Get It!

    'I hated every minute of training, but I said,'don't quit.Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion" Muhammad Ali
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    Zeek Rewards

    Trust me Vegas, I was researching this one too. I got on a conference call with one of their regional sales leaders last week. The biggest issue was nobody could really explain all 6 ways to get paid. All everyone knew was upgrade to a paid website, post one add a day. Plus the way he explained...
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    Zeek Rewards

    FCC has shut down Zeek Rewards as a ponzie . Game over!!!
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    My name is Doc, but you can call me Ben :)

    Good to match a face with all the Skype convos, lol. I agree, WH is the way to go for biz, but nothing beats the BH rush :P. Good to see the changes in the forum and looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve "Doc"
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    Welcome New Moderator aelv15211

    Congrats aelv15211.. Glad to see ya keepin it clean around these parts. Mod status was only a matter of time...
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    My Wife gave birth to our Daughter

    Alright, way to go man! and the wife have just changed the family dynamic so let the fun begin! A lot of us will be on late at night, so if you need a baby break inbetween feedings, ring me up, lol. Hell, I did some of my best hustlin' with the kid in my arms at 3 am :D
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    question about leadimpact

    That right there is the golden nugget that AOS just dropped folks. Use your marketing skills to break down the traffic an cater your campaigns around that. ;)
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    Scamming the scammer.(HILARIOUS)

    This is the funniest shat I've seen this month. This website is now bookmarked! Great find OP, lol
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    Welcome the new purple coat Krayzie

    Damn.. I dip out for a few and find Krayzie in the purple,lol. Congrats man, Always knew you'd make it ;)
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    MMD VIP Truths

    There is a simple rule in business. "It's no what you know, but who you know". I've never found that to be truer than when I signed up as a VIP over a year ago. At the time, I was 3 years in the IM game, and hittin a wall. I knew enough to be dangerous, but not how to implement. Takin action...
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    There is a NEW Mod in Town and his Name is......

    Damn, Klix making moves over here on the MMD, lol. Congrats man, keep them in line....
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    Facebook is stupid

    FB marketing can be very frustrating, but worth it. You gotta approach it with the shot gun method. Grab 5 different campaigns, a couple of ad copies a piece, and go for it. Make sure you track everything and yes, the ads approval department makes no sense,lol. Don't give up though, there is...
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    Favorite Beer?

    Man, I like my beer here and there but put me down for an ice cold Budweiser!!! Smooth going down, inexpensive, and readily available, enough said...
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    The Next Level

    Well MMD, here's my testimony... I came to this forum by Google and never left. I was in IM for 3 years then, and belong to many other forums. I was doing ok by many standards, but not that next level income that changes your life. I read up on my posts, tried a few things, and found many...