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    Best Wordpress Plugins

    Yoast SEO is always best seo word press plugin
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    What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ?

    Search Engine optimization is a practice to get visibility on the search engines. To recognize what search engine optimization is, let me main tell you how search engine works.
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    How to increase of our site traffic?

    1. Advertise 2. Get Social 3. Mix It Up 4. Pay Attention to On-Page SEO 5. Target Long-Tail Keywords 6. Go After Referral Traffic 7. Get Active on Social Media
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    SEO techniques

    SEO techniques : black hat white hat grey hat
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    What is cloaking in SEO?

    cloaking is duplicating content from other sites and producing the same on own site
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    what is the best keyword research tool?

    Best keyword research tool is Google adwords keywords tools
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    How to promote my content?

    stumbleupon, reddit, Linkedin, Facebook are you can promote ur content
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    How to increase of our site traffic?

    forum posting Articles social media marketing Classifieds
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    What is search engine submission in SEO?

    Search Engine Submission is the submission of a URL to a Directory or Search Engine for presence in its Index. We normally use the Google Webmaster Tools to submit our website but since last week Google has made the method simple by allowing to submit through search engine.
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    What is a robots.txt file?

    A robots.txt is written to tell the 'bots which pages, or parts of the websites that must be indexed and which parts should not. A 'good' robot will follow these instructions