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    Are CC's any good?

    I was wondering if CC is a good idea these days, i have heard numerous recommendations from ads i wonder if any guys here have a second opinion on what CC's are usuals most sought of. Cheers.:D
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    What do we have here?

    Another marketing pic here, though i question the rather if this is true or not. Can someone in Malaysia clarify this cause i ain't have the time to buy the paper to just fine this pic sitting there.
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    From your friendly troll.

    Another public service announcement from the troll that lives under the bridge between KL and Klang. Petronas finally makes that piece of plastic you got collecting dust in your car usefull.:redface:LOL
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    I have come to waste you time

    To all Malaysian who think they have nothing better to do then sit infront of their pc eating squid, here is a time waster just for you.:proud: Read up and i hope you get something out of it/.
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    New week pic.

    Got the time? Then feel this up to win some stuff from Petronas. Ignore it at your own dispense cause this contest might end soon since they have already given some of that away already.
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    Big returns for short time.

    Petronas is really pushing for this contest and is eager to give it out to the lucky ones. Apparently the grand prize is a huge amount of cash, so if you guys have the time to have a read at this, have a go and maybe you might be the lucky one. Thousand have already won something so there is no...