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    Which activities to rank better?

    Pro Tips: On Page SEO is REALLY important. I have been ranking with amazing results by doing 80% on page seo and 20% link building All of this works great for local SEO but I believe it helps your overall rankings as well. 1) Learn all about schema markup 2) Schema: You must know some...
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    C++ for absolute beginners

    Php Object oriented solutions is a great book too. I am taking a class on Java in September, I think learning a language that it is required to code in OOP will solidify my knowledge of OOP. So far like you I have been learning languages that you could get away writing procedural code, even...
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    C++ for absolute beginners

    The only ones I took from Eclasses was Javascript beginner and intermediate and intro to Php. For web development only though I like, they have really up to date content and the one teacher Jeffrey Way does a great job. You will learn an enormous amount there. I pay like $19 a...
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    C++ for absolute beginners

    Coding is tough. I have come a long ways in my programming venture since posting this up here. I actually started with Javascript, once I got the basics down like variables, control structures and loops things seemed to make a bit more sense. I spent some time learning Php as well. The two...
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    Which One Is Best For Bookmarking Socialposter Or Socialmarker

    Bookmarking demon is the best hands down.
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    I need money really fast! Help !

    This guy is a troll, dont waste your time on this thread.
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    What antivirus do you recommend ?

    This guys on the right track, you need to have all your bases covered. I use Eset nod 32, spyware doctor and regularly scan my computer with malwarebytes. If the first two fail and I get a virus, malwarebytes will find that virus and kick its ass 9 out of 10 times. Cheers:) Oh and I almost...
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    My Wife gave birth to our Daughter

    Congrats man:) My daughter was born 6 months ago. Time flies so enjoy it, the first year will always be the most memorable I think:)
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    Anyone have any experience with Rocket theme?

    Missing helper.php file it looks like for both errors. Make sure you have unrar'd everything. Oh, and the function_require once bit is pretty self explanatory, it just means the php script requires that file and it wont continue running until it finds it. Usually problems like these are caused...
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    Why Are My ScrapeBox Failure Rates So High

    You may be banned by akismet. Try to manually comment on some wpress blogs and see if they go through. As for scraping Im not sure what your doing wrong, Ive scraped up to 8 million before but dont do that because scraebox cant process a list over 1 million.
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    Idea for an offline web design business, need advise and honest opinion.

    I am also doing this but I want to know how to design any site, mostly because I really enjoy it. Im actually taking some classes from Ed2go right now, just finished Intro to css+xhtml and I can recommend the learning experience for a meesly 79 bucks is worth it. I start learning php in about a...
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    How to make $70/day with Amazon. Creazy simple method!!

    Get them to email you first then hit them with the affiliate link , you can always tell them you sold (what product you had) but you got it here: (affil. link) craigslist cant touch your e-mail......yet >:0
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    WHAdsense is back (I think)

    I concentrate on whitehat as well, but my link building is done blackhat. Do you think link building blackhat pays off in the end, many people say so but recently due to my own action and uneducation I built too quick and am sitting in the penalty box/subindex whatever you wanna call it. It just...
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    More backlinks, lower google ranking

    Just keep backlinking steady dont stop whatever you do just keep backlinking everyday, a few social bookmarks when adding new content, keep the links diverse meaning blog comments,forum profiles,social bookmarks, articles, press releases, anything you can think of just do a few of each every day...
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    >>>Kill Your Competitors!-High Authority Profile Backlinks<<<

    Anyo, Yo, I checked out your site and I must say very impressive, but I just want to let you know that under the choose your package ad blocks you spelled "hours" wrong several times, Im not trying to be a dick I just figured you'd wanna know. Anyways much respect for your service, it looks...