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    Monetizing Blogspot Blogs

    Been only implementing the Amazon and Twitter gadgets so far with only two blogspot sites I've posted last week. One's indexed and the other still waiting to get indexed. Using Senuke for backlinking but not much good results so far. Joe
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    Can't seem to get it right

    I do have a desire to succeed. I have done PPCs many times in the past. Unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful at doing so. I made the mistake of choosing the wrong and outdated products/systems. Even with killer ad campaigns. Constantly having to tweak them. Does that mean i will give up? Of...
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    Can't seem to get it right

    Greetings folks! This is my first post here and just joined a few days ago and I plan on posting more in the near future. I instantly noticed the appeal and interest in this forum that caught my attention. I haven't posted in any forums for almost 10 years. Yeah I Know. I saw something that...