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    need help... what else is possible?

    Can we see your site then we might be able to give more ideas...
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    Chris DH - Carbon Solos

    TESTIMONIAL PRICING 0.35 a Click Per 100 Clicks AT LEAST 20% OVER DELIVERY How To Order? Site - Skype - chrishaldenby
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    The new and improved MMD forum

    Yeah love the new look. MMD has come a long way since the Dark MMD Days (which I actually quite liked) but now it looks clean... MMD was the first place I really took any notice of when trying to make money online apart from my pre online marketing days when I was just trying every gambling...
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    Average Joe's Trip to Solo Ad City

    Cheers. Good to know...
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    Average Joe's Trip to Solo Ad City

    Which AR's have you been playing with and whats your opinion on them?
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    Smeltzer Email Marketing Journal the Solo Ad Experience

    New forum is nice... Its clean.. What was the cause of your temporary down turn? Are you still building your lists every day?
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    Average Joe's Trip to Solo Ad City

    Good work with this. How many new subs are you adding to your list each day?
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    30k in a day with some set up. Are you up for the challenge?

    I already succeed through many hours of hard work thanks, my question was about a JV list that seems to be mentioned above as no matter how much you are making you should always be looking for ways to improve and make more. Good JV introductions and networking with potential JV is one way of...
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    30k in a day with some set up. Are you up for the challenge?

    Hi Smeltzer, what is in the VIP edition of this guide? Does it suggest above you will share some JV contacts?
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    Good Experience With Squid Proxies

    I have been building web apps for a while and often use proxies when using my bots. I recently needed to do a lot of Google scraping and my old proxy provider wasn't cutting it, I decided to give Squid Proxies a try and again my proxies did not like Google so I contacted them and they swapped...
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    DAMN. MMD's new look is Fantastic

    I don't think any methods have changed have they?? Thought they had just got rid of all of the sharing of other peoples stuff.
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    How much amount do you spend for PPC ?

    How long is a piece of string?? This depends on way to many things to get an answer. One thing I will say though is I would rather test my sites with paid traffic and find out pretty fast if they will convert than spend all of my time trying to rank a site only to find out it fails anyway. If...
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    Road to Product Creation & Marketing.

    No, you need to research each keyword separately. Obviously the product name isn't searched for as it is brand new but are people searching for the problem that you are trying to solve? On another note S.E.O is O'k but a lot of work and hassle if you are already creating the product to sell...
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    Road to Product Creation & Marketing.

    If you are looking for SEO reasons you only want exact ticked. That is the exact number of people who search for that exact term. Broad could be any variation of your phrase and then some so you could rank your KW and still get sweet FA traffic.
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    Road to Product Creation & Marketing.

    Are these numbers exact or broad? If they are exact then yeah they are good.