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    Making more money by building NICHE WEBSITES

    Another good thread. I want to ask you something, how did you find your keywords, I find it hard to find keywords with good exact match searches, exact match domain and low competition ?
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    Do NOT Submit Your Website To Google. What do you think?

    Link from Digg and your site is in the index within 24 hours, works always for me.
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    Make $100/day Easy!!! ►► Using ADSENSE and MICRO NICHE SITES!

    Thanks for the link. But it seems that 25.01.12 was the last day, so I missed it.
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    Make $100/day Easy!!! ►► Using ADSENSE and MICRO NICHE SITES!

    Can you recommend some software for research for micro niche keywords with available exact match domains available, if it also have download link in the forum it would be great.
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    what are some good CPA Affiliates that are easy to sign up for?

    I got accepted on adscendmedia pretty easy within 36 hours, just with the original application, no calls etc. I want to use the content gateway for a site with serials for programs, but I read that it is kind of againts their rules, so maybe I have to try with Cpalead, some friends are using...