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  1. Griffon

    Well it has been a while..

    What's up money makers.. So it has been a while since I checked the forum and I just wanted to stop by and say Hello to each and every one of you. How's everyone doing? Griffon
  2. Griffon

    The Truth Behind Internet Marketing

    Yeah I really had to make that one myself! :D
  3. Griffon

    Happy new year to all of you Money Makers out there!

    Happy New Year Everyone! Wishing you all an awesome new year, with LOTS OF MONEY! :)
  4. Griffon

    Moving a penalized .info domain to a .com - Live case study

    Back in the day when I was just getting involved with SEO, website creation and so forth, I was only registering .info domains since I was on a very tight budget, and wanted to save all I can to spend on other stuff, like tools and so on. One of these sites has been doing so well for most of...
  5. Griffon

    Bob Parsons - GoDaddy's CEO Goes Elephant Hunting

    Killing an Elephant for fun/sport/whatever ISN'T FUN Mr. CEO. Check out this video right here: Hunting Problem Elephant - My 2011 Vacation - Video.ME What a scumbag CEO. Join the protests against GoDaddy's CEO by moving your domains to another registrar. Save the elephants and donate...
  6. Griffon

    Article: Google Caffeine Myth

    You can view the page at
  7. Griffon

    About Google Instant and How is it going to change the world of SEO

    Okay, so I actually had the time to watch the whole video for Google Instant Launch event yesterday (87 minutes long), and I have noticed quiet a lot of things that are going to change in the near future, globally I should say when Google Instant is launched on all of Google TLD's. Here's the...
  8. Griffon

    Most Popular SEO Myths Exposed - Part 1

    Hi everyone, It has been a REALLY long while since I shared anything with the community, and I guess it's about time to give something back now. If you've been in Internet Marketing/SEO game for a while, then I believe that some of these "Myths" that I'm going to talk about will sound...
  9. Griffon

    $75 Adwords Free Coupon

    Get yours from this link: Enjoy:proud:
  10. Griffon

    My upcoming project - Need some feedback/support about this!

    Hi everyone, I'm currently working on a website project in the Gaming niche, and I needed some feedback regarding some techniques I'm going to use, since this is going to be my biggest project I ever did. :) Well firstly, the website is going to contain different stuff for the game I'm...
  11. Griffon

    Google Caffeine Myth

    Hi everyone, I know that a lot of people out there are concerned about Google's latest algorithm update, and their new web indexing system (Codename "Caffeine"), since Google modified a lot of the algorithm and it now relies on other stuff more than just quantity/quality of backlinks and...
  12. Griffon

    Spinning video description

    Hi, Is there any point to spin video description? I have a tv show website and I'm trying to bring more organic traffic to it through ranking. Right now I'm only using YT promotion, but I need to expand my traffic. Getting 200-500 hits/day isn't enough for me. Any suggestions?
  13. Griffon

    I need some feedback about this

    Hi everyone, I've been working on creating the "best formula" for a TV show website that could run with a CPAlead widget on it. So, I've created a custom wp theme, custom widget, etc. and right now I've 10-20% overall conversion (International) and 30-45% for the US, and 10-35% for the UK...
  14. Griffon

    This is HILARIOUS!

    Just wanted to share the laugh :D YouTube- Radio Station Prank Call to Cheating Husband - Absolutely Hilarious!
  15. Griffon

    Using PayPal services from a country that isn't in their country list

    Hi, I'm having a hard time getting access to a PayPal account, since I live in a country that isn't listed in their country list, I'm not even able to register an account through their website. I was wondering if I'd get into trouble using an American or English PayPal account? I have some...
  16. Griffon

    Submitting a link on fan pages

    Hi, I've posted this yesterday in the download section, but probably nobody noticed the thread. Anyways, I'm trying to find a tool/way that could make a link sticky on the first page on a fan page. Typically submitting the link every 10-15mins, and deleting the old submitted link. If...
  17. Griffon

    Email/Zip submit offers

    I was wondering if anyone is promoting such offers? I've got a free $100 adwords voucher that I was thinking about using to promote an email or zip offer. After watching cpa ninja course, the process seemed to be simple enough to do, and realistic as well. I was thinking if there's any...
  18. Griffon

    Google AdWords free code

    Hi, I created an account with Google AdWords last month without filling any billing information, they just emailed me a free $100 code that can be activated instantly after I fill in my billing information. My question is, did anyone get such an offer before? Because I don't want to enter...
  19. Griffon

    SEO: Google Vs. Yahoo Vs. Bing

    Hi, Last month I started experimenting with autoblogs, and started 7 autoblogs. What I created was a 100% fail experiment. All of these websites had 100% duplicate content, and were completely on autopilot, which is why I never had success ranking with any of the terms I used on these...
  20. Griffon

    Facebook Marketers, Go grab your IDs NOW!

    Anyone who have been marketing on facebook must have noticed that the link to "See All" members of a page has disappeared, after they renamed "Fan Pages" to "Like Pages". What I just found out by accident is that, they didnt really remove "See All" links for pages with applications, or...