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  1. Martin_Buckley

    Make $500 weekly easy with city busses

    I like the idea and I have done something like it in the past, but I have had much better success using drop cards which are just business cards that have an ad on them, just like you would do on a flyer, but instead of hanging them on walls or bus stops you would just leave them or drop them in...
  2. Martin_Buckley

    How about stickers?

    I actually got a dollar bill the other day that had a small round sticker on the back covering the eagle that said something like turn this $1 into $100 learn how at: It really got my attention as I never seen this done before with a sticker, so I would do something like this if I were you as...
  3. Martin_Buckley

    Very Easy Method to Make $200+ a Day!

    Great stuff, thanks for sharing!
  4. Martin_Buckley

    What is the best way to do offline marketing?

    I have always had good success marketing offline using flyers and business drop cards. Business cards and or drop cards are still one of the most overlooked ways to market any product or service offline, so I love designing full color drop cards or what I call ad cards to promote one of my...