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    Hello from Portugal

    Hey Tiago, welcome aboard. I was born in Coimbra Portugal, but have made USA my home since I was 6. Love to visit whenever I can. My only advice is take your time picking a good niche, and then just concentrate your time on driving traffic. Just be persistent, because most people give up. I...
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    F*ck Google - Account 'Suspended'

    Could someone explain to me how you could get suspended from adwords? Isn't adwords just buying PPC.
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    Survey or Paying

    Fill out a survey. Its always harder when money gets involved.
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    [GET] The Facebook Wheel Method

    Would love to know about this new method keep us posted if you learn anything about it.
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    Digg method. Get yourself on front page of digg.

    Saving this too my to list. Thanks for the information.
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    Big smiles to you all :)

    Had to say hi, after seeing your title. enjoy your stay.
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    I've being scammed! =(

    Used to work at a bank, and would have customers coming in telling me different ways they were scammed. I would cancel their card and put a hold on their accounts but by that time it was too late, the money was gone. It sucked because sometimes it was in the 10 to 20 thousand range. I hope...
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    [Easy]Earn from $5 to $100 a day[Easy]

    Will give it a try, an extra 100 or 200 a month adds up, especially when your just starting out.
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    Keyword sniping with Amazon Associates?

    Just to clarify, if you have a review up for product X and they click through and buy product Z, it still counts. I hope I'm getting that right.
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    just hi

    Welcome aboard, hope you have much success. Good luck.
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    Build a local review site for a monthly income

    Update: I just thought of this, you could expand into your surrounding towns, cities. My local restaurants pay 12.00 a day to have their menu in the local newspaper. and none of them have a website. If you can get enough local traffic coming to your site, It could be very profitable.
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    Build a local review site for a monthly income

    This is something I could try in the future. Did a quick search of my local businesses and only one had a website. Was very surprised by that.
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    50 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics You Should Be Using

    Thanks, it gave me some new ideas I could start to use.
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    Google phone number verification crap

    Try using the "invite a friend to gmail" feature inside your gmail account. I don't believe they ask for phone verification if you do it this way.
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    Domain names

    It seems people just grab up domain names and then don't use them. So I'm doing some keyword research, I think I found a great keyword, and find out the domain is taken. Even though this keyword is a long tailed keyword that I would have never thought of. I really need to relieve some...
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    What do you REALLY want for Christmas 2010??? + a Domain PRIZE from us :-)

    VIP membership Market Samurai 1st spot on Google for your chosen niche.
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    Hi people. I want to make money!

    Welcome aboard, make sure you set goals so that you can see your progress. Short term goals have helped me concentrate on precise tasks.
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    CPA networks for beginners

    If you get denied from a CPA network when can you re-apply?
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    Make a few hundred $$ Every weekend

    This is brilliant, I'm going to try this. I'm currently working on some other methods and don't want to spread myself thin. But this is going to the top of my to do list. Thanks for sharing.