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    Hi ZonkDonkey welcome and have fun!
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    Hi :-D

    Hi Carlos, welcome to MMD! Good to have you here!
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    Hi edp78 - stick around and you will find all the info you need - feel free to ask questions on what info you cant find!
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    New guy

    Hi V Rocks welcome aboard!
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    Hi leeboi999, welcome to MMD. Will look forward to hearing more about your IMing in the near future - please note that if you wish to promote you methods or services we expect you to adhere to our rules. thank you
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    I am new Here :) Please read

    Hi Smartworker - glad you joined us .. feel free to ask anything!
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    New here but not new in IM

    Hi Savetheozone, welcome to MMD - I am sure you will find your retail skills pass over to IM - I did ( and vice versa) all the best!
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    New here

    Hi Instantsuccess, welcome to MMD!
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    What's up?

    Hi Jay, welcome to MMD! Good to have you onboard!
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    Let's do it, New here!

    Hi Falaz, welcome to the forum!
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    Hi Souljah119, great to have you here, best of luck & do post if you need help!
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    Hi Ryan, welcome to MMD! Hope to Speak To You Soon!
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    Java programmer

    Hello ionutcib, welcome to MMD!
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    Hi Yaseen, welcome to MMD!
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    Cheers everyone!

    Hi hosies, nice to meet you - best of luck with IM and thanks for writing a journal!
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    Some help here for wordpress

    Hiya there are a few php plug ins - but I'm guessing some no longer work due to the recently WP upgrade. Maybe it would help if you told us which plug in you have already tried so that we can rule them out and look for others?
  17. optiwebber

    new to mmd, but not new to making money/programming

    Hi Olaf, you just need to create the thread in BST and it'll go into moderation - then someone will contact you to review the product/service. And welcome to MMD :)
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    Hello, Long time player, New Forum Member

    Hi Gabriel welcome to the forum & happy Turkey day :)
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    Thanks for accepting me here!

    Hi Ein, welcome to the forum. You have come to the best place to learn for sure! if you cant find what you need just post! :)
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    Hi from Pete

    Hi Pete, welcome to MMD :)