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  1. Dragul

    SENUKE 6.39 Sorry

    thanks for the effort though aptyp, maybe you'll find some other stuff you can share with us besides senuke and xrumer ;) p.s: before you upload anything, make sure that its free from viruses and other nasty stuff by scanning it on VirusTotal - Free Online Virus and Malware Scan and provide...
  2. Dragul

    Lets All Wish DaveJug a healthy and Speedy Recovery

    Hope you get well soon Lord Dave of Jug. Keep rocking!
  3. Dragul

    $100 a day with poker marketing

    you can host a private tournament on fulltiltpoker with a low entry fee like $1 or something to make it more believable. that way they have to make a deposit if they wanna 'qualify' for the non-existing 50k freeroll
  4. Dragul

    Selling fully anonymous proxies - very fast activation - 24/7 dedicated support

    I bought some proxies yesterday and i must say im very pleased with the support that i got from lowcostbrain, he answered all my (noobie) questions and the proxies are fast and working. ( i havent tried them on CL yet but that was not why i bought them in the first place) P.S: I did NOT get a...
  5. Dragul

    Selling fully anonymous proxies - very fast activation - 24/7 dedicated support

    I read on your site that you dont have a minimum order, thank you for that! I have 2 questions for you: 1. Are these proxies ok to post on CL with/without a PVA 2. What do you mean with:"- You can refresh your proxies once per month"? Thank you for your time and gl
  6. Dragul

    Follow me as I lose money with PPC!

    im watching, listening and reading :D and im sure there are more ppl interested so dont let the lack of comments discourage you. ive never tried PPC so i hope i can learn a thing or 2 from you. gl
  7. Dragul

    CPA Lead - giant scam?

    maybe you could give BHCB a try? I found it here but didnt try it yet, it shows clean in virustotal tho and it includes the manual. gl
  8. Dragul

    Can someone get this for me

    maybe this will help you: gl
  9. Dragul

    Live WSO, What do you want to see?

    still time to vote ladies n gents ( i guess). if you cant decide what to vote for just vote for Affiliate :D
  10. Dragul

    ProxyFirewall problems

    youre welcome. Im kinda in the same boat regarding AC, i bought 2 PVA's and havent used them yet because i was looking for proxies. with AC you could use shared proxies i guess ( not the public ones tho), they are cheaper. i have yet to find a good proxy supplier that supplies a small number of...
  11. Dragul

    ProxyFirewall problems

    1 yes 2 if you want to add public proxies like the one from the list you mentioned: - copy the list and paste them in a notepad file and save the file - in proxyfirewall, click on the Open Proxies tab, than add proxies, in setting click HTTP(s), click Import and go to the notepad file...
  12. Dragul

    [READ THIS] Dr.P (Doc) Appreciation Thread!

    In a nutshell: great forum, great staff, great members and last but not least, great forum owner! y'all are awesome!
  13. Dragul

    Live WSO, What do you want to see?

    sorry i only checked around 10 times how my 'horse' Affiliate was doing in the race :D looks like he's losing tho :goodnight:
  14. Dragul

    I got published!!!

    congratz, nice article, hit the thumps up button for you. may i ask how much they paid you for it? im gonna start publishing there soon so thats why i asked.
  15. Dragul

    Mass messenger for a ...

    Mirror: virustotal: Resultaat: 1/40 (2.5%) suspicious.insight P.S: I had to zip the file to upload to...
  16. Dragul

    Dating Bot Jenny she walks she talks she converts :)

    first you need mIRC which you can download here: mIRC: Download mIRC after that follow the steps Smeltzer wrote to configure it and add the code from the OP. than go to the tutorial how to connect to the bittlebee server. basically mIRC is an oldskool chatprogram and the 'bot' is a...
  17. Dragul

    Live WSO, What do you want to see?

    affiliate marketing 8 votes cpa 10 votes i think icepick has a good point tho thats why i voted for affiliate marketing btw is it for paid members only? maybe you can put it in the private section Money Maker Discussion Forum|Make Money Online|Seo|Blackhat Seo|WhiteHat|GreyHat|Affiliate...
  18. Dragul

    Can someone help with this?

    I use VLC to play .flv files (and it plays almost any other format) you can find it here: VLC media player - Open Source Multimedia Framework and Player
  19. Dragul

    Trick for finding .edu and .gov blogs :)

    i added 2010 so i only find recent blogs to post on. i did notice that so far all 3 comments i made are awaiting approval tho so i hope i'll get approved :D inurl:blog "post a comment" "2010" -"comments closed" -"you must be logged in" i think im going to try to pay some of the...
  20. Dragul

    Dating Bot Jenny she walks she talks she converts :)

    i dl-ed my mirc a few months ago and i can still use it, just click on cancle when it asks you to register. you need to use the bittlebee server to connect to your msn username, theres a link with more info about that a few posts up. i dont think you can use more than 1 mirc at a time per...